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top building and design articles from January 2019

10 Must-Read Building and Design Articles from January 2020

With a fresh year ahead, diving into new ideas and concepts is a great way to begin 2020. Two years ago, we started to recap our favorite building and design articles for each month. We’ve continued this trend, and kicked off our year with our picks for the top construction articles in January. So before digging into the jobsite, dig into these 10 articles for building and design news and inspiration.

Top 10 Building and Design Articles of the Month

1. 2020 Construction Trends: 30+ Experts Weigh In

Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog

Looking for a comprehensive overview of the top 2020 construction trends that matter? This blog gathered insight from over 30 thought leaders, innovators, and influencers in the AEC industry. Touching on everything from the rise of robotics to new shifts in business models, you’ll want to dig into this comprehensive post.

2. Construction Technology: Long-Term Benefits with Short-Term Investment

AGC’s Constructor Magazine 

How does Brasfield & Gorrie, an ENR Top 400 firm, provide its clients with the best possible service? Learn how one of the nation’s largest privately-held construction firms embraces new technology and innovation to remain on the leading edge. 

3. Risk-Adjusted Cost: A New Frontier in Construction

Construction Executive

Accurate cost estimates are essential in construction. However, is your firm adjusting estimates to encompass risk? Learn how risk-adjusted cost is a game-changing tactic that will shape the way cost estimates evolve in the future. 

4. Robot shaves time from Windover Construction’s laser-scanning process

Construction Dive 

We talk about how robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) will dramatically change the construction industry. However, rarely do we get a real look at what that looks like. But this article highlights how one company, Windover Construction, has teamed with a robot software company to develop an autonomous laser scanning and layout planning robot. 

5. The 11 Most Interesting Construction Technology Stories of 2019

Construction Junkie

We are a big fan of lists – as you can tell from this current article and series you are reading as we speak. Construction Junkie pulled together a great list of the top construction technology stories from last year that’s worth checking out. 

6. Will the skyscrapers of the future be made out of wood?

National Geographic

When it comes to construction materials, wood is on the rise. This National Geographic article takes a look at both the pros and cons of building with wood – and what that means for the cities of the future.

7. Assembly Required: Construction Is The New Manufacturing (Part Three)


The construction industry has always looked up to manufacturing. Learn how companies are shifting towards adopting new processes like modular construction, drawing inspiration from the manufacturing sector. 

8. Skanska: curbing equipment emissions through AI

Construction Global

Today, many construction companies are taking steps to reduce their environmental impact. Skanska is one firm helping to lead the charge on sustainability in construction. Take a look at how the company is looking to incorporate AI and machine learning into heavy equipment to improve efficiency. 

9. Economists Make 2020 Construction Predictions

Construction Equipment Guide

While the first article in this list features insight from thought leaders and innovators in construction, this article garners opinions from economists about the most significant 2020 construction trends. 

10. Our Lives, Under Construction

New York TimesFor urban dwellers, scaffolding is the most noticeable indicator of the construction work going on around them. This New York Times takes a look at the impact of scaffolding on New Yorkers’ daily life, helping to keep sidewalks and pedestrians safe.

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