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Behind the Build: Interview with Shannon Davis, Learning and Development Lead, MAREK 

Pop quiz: What’s the most valuable resource in construction? 

If your answer is a specific building material, process, or even technology, you’d be incorrect. Construction’s most valuable resource: people. At this very moment, millions of individuals are working around the clock and impacting how our world is being built. However, to be successful, leading construction companies know that they also need to support and develop their workers. Shannon Davis, Learning and Development Lead at MAREK is someone working to do just that. “Just like we build buildings, I help to build the people.” Construction is truly a dynamic industry. In our Behind the Build blog series, we interview a diverse range of construction professionals to get to know those who make our industry so special. While we interview our fair share of field warriors like project managers and superintendents, others we speak with might work behind the scenes supporting staff and new processes. We recently spoke to Shannon on her career in the industry, the initiatives MAREK takes to attract top talent, and more. Want to read Shannon’s story? Head over the new Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog to learn more about her journey in construction.

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