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2020 construction trends and predictions

2020 Construction Trends: Here’s What You Need to Know

And just like that, here we are, two weeks into the New Year. Many of us are in full-fledge planning mode when it comes to big strategic initiatives for 2020. While immersing ourselves in specific-company planning sessions is useful and necessary to keep the lights on, it’s also important to take a step back and look at those big picture construction trends for 2020. Keeping a pulse on the leading industry trends will ensure your company can 

So, what are the biggest 2020 construction trends? We asked this question to more than 30 influencers, thought leaders, and forward-thinking construction professionals, and they delivered. We’ve compiled their insight, thoughts, and opinions in this blog. The post is broken up by prediction round-ups as well as areas of focus that matter most to performance in the industry:

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