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Our 10 Most-Read Construction Blogs from 2019

On the PlanGrid Construction Productivity Blog, we’re used to recapping the top blogs and articles from external industry publications. But, looking back at all the content we posted this year, we think we have a lot of resources and posts worth sharing if you’re new to our blog or don’t routinely check out of content offerings. 

While 2020 holds a lot more exciting content (including more involvement in our new content partnership with the Autodesk Construction Cloud blog), we think taking a look back at our most-read blogs from the year can help you preemptively keep a pulse on what’s to come in the next year. 

Below, here are our 10 top construction blogs from 2019. We’ll also be posting a separate blog about the top construction stories from 2019 from our Behind the Build series. If you have a favorite post you read on our blog this year, please share in the comments! We always love to see our readers’ feedback. 

1. Top 10 Construction Companies in the World [SlideShare]

Who doesn’t love a list? Our top 10 construction companies in the world blog and SlideShare was our most-read post from the year. We used recent rankings from ENR top 250 international contractors to create this list. Take a look at the post and don’t forget to scroll through the SlideShare to read more about the leading construction firms around the world. 

2. Construction Jobs: 5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Career in Construction

You know why working in the construction industry is a fantastic career choice – others don’t always. The labor shortage is a major industry-wide concern. To combat the shortage and bring in top talent, we’re committed to promoting the industry for all the wonderful benefits it offers to all individuals, regardless of education level or career experience. 

3. 10 Incredible Construction Photos You Need to See: Announcing the 5th Annual Axe Contest Winners

Our Axe Contest is one of our favorite ways to connect with industry professionals and see what they’re working on. Our 5th Annual Axe Contest exceeded all of our expectations, as we received hundreds of awe-inspiring photo entries from across the world. Take a look at 10 of the top photos we received in our post. 

4. Insight Into the Future of BIM [infographic]

What’s in store for the future of BIM? In this post, we try to explore the current and future state of the building information modeling in the industry. Take a look at the informative infographic and read an interview with an industry expert. 

5. The State of Healthcare Construction in 2019 [infographic]

Our second most-read blog with an infographic this year was focused on healthcare construction. The healthcare construction industry is flourishing, yet it’s still incredibly complex. Dig into our post and graphic to learn more about how construction companies can become successful in the sector. 

6. 10 Expert Tips for Construction Document Control

Our 10-point listicles appear to be a sweet spot for us – as a third post appears on our most-read construction blogs from 2019. Document control is essential for efficient field operations and construction activities. Peruse these 10 essential and expert tips to gain more control over documentation. 

7. 15 Exciting Initiatives that Accelerate Women in Construction 

We are passionate about supporting women in construction, and we’re glad our audience agrees. This blog focuses on 15 of the most exciting initiatives that companies and organizations are taking to support females in the sector. Prepare to be inspired! 

8. 10 Factors That Affect Construction Quality Management–And How to Address Them

Our final 10-point listicle to top out our 2019 most-read construction blog list involves quality management. We all know there are a variety of factors that bring down quality in construction. Learn about 10 of the most substantial and use this new information to create a quality management plan that works. 

9. How Machine Learning Is Making Construction More Human

The use of machine learning in construction is growing. Despite the common fear that robots will take over the world and our jobs, learn how machine learning is actually making the industry more human. 

10. Inside Look at 7 of the Top Construction Scheduling Methods

Our final construction blog from 2019 on our list takes us back to the basics – scheduling. Read to learn about the most common scheduling methods and tools on projects, and hopefully gain insight to refine your own project timeline.

Share Your Thoughts About Our Construction Blogs from 2019 for Better Content for 2020

Like we said, we would love to hear your thoughts on our construction blogs from 2019. Share your thoughts in the comments to help us create even better content for 2020!


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