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PlanGrid Unveils 5 New Ways to Customize and Simplify Projects 

No construction project is ever the same as the last one. Each building and facility has a unique set of conditions – including the timing, resources, team and environment – that can never be replicated. That’s why at PlanGrid, we don’t believe a one-size-fits-all approach applies to construction software.  

 Since 2012, our software has been providing building teams with bespoke ways to manage their projects with flexibility. While teams can standardize workflows, processes and tasks with PlanGrid, it’s designed to be scalable and adaptable to project and business needs – both today and in the future.  

To provide our users with even more customization options and ease-of-use, we continually look for ways we can enhance our product and add value. Today, PlanGrid officially joins Assemble, BuildingConnected and BIM 360 for the launch of Autodesk Construction Cloud™ 

With the launch of Autodesk Construction Cloud, we are unveiling new ways to integrate, utilize and analyze data across the construction lifecycle. You can read all about the many exciting product updates across our products on the new Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog – in addition to more specific product deep-dives on the Connect & Construct and BuildingConnected blogs. Meanwhile, we wanted to share a closer look at the top recent PlanGrid releases with our readers. From a brand new feature to enhancements to core products like BIM to the Field and Project Hub, we’re thrilled to announce the following five PlanGrid updates: 

1. Custom Forms

While reports and forms are an important daily task on a jobsite, they can be tedious and inconsistent to manage. If templates exist, many teams find that they are outdated and don’t meet current business needs.   

With PlanGrid, field teams can already choose from a list of sample templates or custom PDFs. But today, PlanGrid Field Reports now includes Custom Forms to better meet your team’s organizational needs. All the forms you fill out daily can be customized, completed and submitted instantly from the field.   

Custom Forms_Create Report

With just a few clicks, create a fully customizable form for daily reports, safety forms, QA/QC checklists, site observation reports, timesheets and more, to collect the information you need to track project progress. Dynamic and built for mobile, these forms are easily fillable from any device including iOS and Android phones, allowing teams to capture notes in real time and reducing trips to the trailer.  

Custom Forms_Fill Out Report

 2. Videos

If a picture says a thousand words, a video shows a thousand pictures – we’ll let you do the math here. Calculations aside, project teams currently use videos to document work before it is covered up, track the progress and history of a project and share updates with stakeholders.  

In addition to using photos to provide context to markups, tasks, RFIs or Field Reports, you can now take videos directly within PlanGrid to provide even richer information and reduce the number of photos taken needed to document work. Capture, upload, view and export videos from PlanGrid to be more productive and to collect and share information faster. As you walk the jobsite, PlanGrid now lets you take videos while providing live commentary so that the project team can pinpoint exactly where work is needed. 

PlanGrid Videos

3. Photo Improvements

As a member of the project team, chances are that you’ve noticed an issue on the jobsite and quickly snapped a picture. Unfortunately, many of these photos end up being dumped into a disorganized gallery or file server, while others are simply kept on the device itself. Whether photos were captured from your mobile device, tablet or camera, it’s important to bring these images together, in one place, to easily view what’s occurring on the jobsite and to document project progress.   

In addition to adding new video functionality to PlanGrid, we have also enhanced photos within our product. New updates to the PlanGrid Photo Gallery give you the ability to take numerous actions at once, including uploading multiple photos from an external device and bulk selecting photos to create a consolidated photo report. Other PlanGrid photo enhancements include marking up existing photos in the Photo Gallery and the addition of more photo details such as who took the photo, date and timestamp and location. 

PlanGrid photo gallery changes

4. BIM Enhancements

Earlier this year, we launched PlanGrid BIM – letting any project member conveniently and immediately access models in the field and operations. Today, we are releasing new BIM enhancements include enabling BIM data in the field for Windows and Android apps, in addition to the pre-existing iOS and Web support.  

Now, no matter the device, GC’s and subcontractors can seamlessly navigate between 2D and 3D views and tap on objects to easily and quickly reference object details.  

PlanGrid BIM Enhancements

5. Progress Milestone Dashboard

Every construction professional knows that staying on schedule is essential to project success. That’s why keeping track of critical project goals provides essential visibility and moves the needle on progress.  

In PlanGrid, Progress Milestones is a new dashboard in the Project Hub home page. Users can easily add custom project milestone dates like project kick off, equipment installations, punchlists and completion deadlines to keep track of key deadlines. All users need to do is click the “Add new milestone” button and populate with the desired dates to see a visual tracking on how the project is progressing. As a requested feature from many of our customers, we are excited to expand project status visibility to all our users.  

Progress Milestones 5

Experience the Future of Construction – Today 

Autodesk Construction Cloud is ready to facilitate the teams of tomorrow on the journey towards the future of construction – are you ready to join us? Request a demo, here

To learn more about Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can also download this helpful guide.    

Connected Construction - Guide to Autodesk Construction Cloud


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