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10 November Construction Articles Worth Reading

This month, we’re thankful for the abundance of riveting construction news and articles that help us keep pursuing excellence in the industry. Feel like you were too busy feasting and spending time with friends and family to catch up on the latest buzz from the building industry this month? Don’t sweat it–we’ve got your back. Below, check out our list of ten of the best construction articles, blogs and news from November 2019.

10 Must-Read Construction Articles from November 2019

1. Welcome to the New Era of Connected Construction

Autodesk Construction Cloud Blog

Did you catch any of the announcements from Autodesk University (AU) Las Vegas 2019? If not, you’ll want to check out this post announcing Autodesk Construction Cloud™. Read more about the connected construction technology and check out other posts from the new blog. 

2. The top construction technology headlines of 2019

Construction Dive

Let the top 2019 posts commence! Construction Dive recently released its top construction technology posts of the year. Take a look at the posts that resonated with their users and find out if there was any exciting news you missed. 

3. New Kind of Concrete Cracks Much Less Than the Regular Stuff

Popular Mechanics

Russian scientists have developed a new type of concrete, making it more elastic and eco-friendly. Check out this Popular Mechanics article to learn the science behind the new construction material. 

4. The robotic pooch from Boston Dynamics’ viral videos is ready for real work

Fast Company

Have you ever seen any of the viral videos of the robotic dog? If so, this innovation is from Boston Dynamics. This month, the company has showcased how the robotic “dog,” named Spot, is being put to work on construction sites, specifically at the new Harvey Milk Terminal 1 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). 

5. Understanding occupational fraud in construction companies and how to prevent it

Silicon Valley Business Journal

Fraud impacts nearly every industry in the world, and construction is no exception. When it comes to occupational fraud, construction is the ninth most impacted industry. Read the article to learn more about the hazards of occupational fraud for companies and how to avoid it. 

6. Why is architecture and building so different in Europe?


If you have worked in different international markets, you know all too well that construction practices vary dramatically. The recent guest post explores some of the key differences between construction in the U.S. and Europe. 

7. The New Marriott In Manhattan Is The World’s Tallest Modular Hotel


Modular construction is going to new heights with the construction of New York NoMad, the world’s tallest modular hotel. The structure is currently under construction and expected to open in the fall of 2020. Read the article to learn the fascinating story of how the hotel is being built with modular construction.  

8. Autodesk Announces Autodesk Construction Cloud, Their New Cohesive Construction Platform

Construction Junkie

Construction blog, Construction Junkie, also detailed the release of Autodesk Construction Cloud. Read more about how the connected construction technology is uniting teams across the project lifecycle. 

9. Merging Robotics and Architecture, MRAAD Will Change the Future of Building


Architects’ tools have evolved dramatically over the years. However, building a physical model of the design before building begins has remained a standard practice. Watch this recent video to see how a researcher from Perkins and Will has created a Mobile Robotic Assistant for Architectural Design (MRAAD) to help build physical models. 

10. China building a new mega hydro dam at Dateng Gorge in southern Guangxi

South China Morning Post 

We love construction videos that showcase the progress of a project (especially timelapse videos). In this video, prepared to be stunned in watching how China is building a massive dam on the Qian River in the nation’s southern Guangxi autonomous region. 

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