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Billy Beane at Connect & Construct Summit

“Moneyball” Lessons All Construction Professionals Need to Hear

Billy Beane, Executive VP of Baseball Operations, Oakland Athletics Baseball and Subject of “Moneyball,” to keynote Connect & Construct Summit

Data overload is a common challenge in today’s construction industry. Projects are producing and capturing more data than ever, but according to FMI, 96% of all engineering and construction industry data goes unused. Considering that infrastructure and megaprojects produce an average of 55 million documents, 130 million emails, and 12 million workflows, it’s easy to see why so much information is left on the table.

Nevertheless, there are massive opportunities for construction teams to get more out of data. When leveraged in new and resourceful ways, it can yield significant results. Take Billy Beane, Executive VP of Baseball Operations, Oakland Athletics Baseball and subject of acclaimed book and major motion picture “Moneyball,” for example. Tapping into decades of baseball statistics, he helped the A’s create a new approach to acquire undervalued players with limited resources. The strategy, known as the “Moneyball” philosophy, proved to be a successful one. The A’s started to win and became the first team in over 100 years of American League to win 20 consecutive games.

Today, Beane’s “Moneyball” philosophy has been adopted by organizations of all sizes, across all industries, as a way to more effectively, efficiently, and profitably manage assets, talent, and resources. On November 18, he’ll share his insights with construction professionals at the Connect & Construct Summit keynote at Autodesk University in Las Vegas. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from one of the most progressive and talented baseball executives in the game today.

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Data: How Construction Can Do More with Less

Billy Beane has molded the Oakland Athletics into one of professional baseball’s most consistent winners. He shattered traditional MLB beliefs that big payrolls equated wins by implementing a statistical methodology.

With thin margins and increasing project demands, construction firms are in a similar dilemma Beane once faced–doing more with less for the opportunity of better. But when companies are reluctant to evolve their business processes and project delivery methods, it’s increasingly difficult to meet business goals and stay competitive. Instead, by applying outside-the-box data-driven strategies, companies can achieve measurable productivity and profit gains. 

At the Connect & Construct Summit, Beane will share how construction professionals can adopt winning business approaches with data. Learn how the power of analytics is helping to shape the way modern businesses differentiate themselves from the herd and prepare for long-term success.

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