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Connect & Construct at Autodesk Unversity

5 Reasons You Should Attend Connect & Construct Summit at Autodesk University

Over the last decade, the construction industry has experienced exciting changes in the digital side of operations. Today, there are more tools than ever to streamline workflows, improve productivity and enhance access to vital project information. To stay on top of the ever-changing industry and become a competitive force in the future, construction professionals are heading to Connect & Construct Summit held in Las Vegas.

Connect & Construct is happening on November 18, prior to Autodesk University (AU) Las Vegas 2019, the ultimate event for training and networking for those in construction, manufacturing, architecture, engineering and media, on November 19-21.

Connect & Construct will bring together sessions and workshops focused on implementing technologies throughout the design and building lifecycle. You can select from a variety of classes and speakers, including a can’t miss keynote from Billy Beane, Executive VP of Baseball Operations, Oakland Athletics Baseball and subject of “Moneyball.”

Registration for the Connect & Construct Summit is open today.

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Still not convinced? Here are 5 solid reasons why you should attend C&C Summit if you are in the construction industry.

1. Be on the Cutting-Edge of Construction Technology

Who doesn’t like getting hands-on with the latest construction innovation? At C&C Summit, you’ll be able to test-drive the latest technologies and see which ones will integrate with your current processes and software.

Better yet, you can play a role in shaping the future of construction technology. The conference is your avenue to connect with product and construction technology experts one-on-one. Visit the Village at C&C Summit, where you can provide valuable product feedback and ask your most pressing questions.

2. Gain the Keys to Unlock the Potential of Data

Contractors, developers and designers all know how important data is to modern construction strategies. Yet, many companies still struggle when it comes to fully utilizing newly collected data.

In one of the Connect & Construct conference sessions, “Unlocking Building Operations with Data Across the Construction Lifecycle,” you’ll learn how to maximize data use across project phases. Hear from speakers from Silver Ventures and Caesars Entertainment who will provide insights on how to use data to drive results.

Attendees will leave the session with a clearer idea on how to reduce data loss, errors and potential leaks that cause higher long-term operational costs and can degrade project efficiency.

3. Learn How to Improve Technology Adoption

Even when you purchase technology to streamline your construction operations, it can be difficult to get workers to adopt and implement new features, especially for those in the field. As a result, companies often end up spending money on features that are never fully used, if at all, limiting their return on these investments.

At the Connect & Construct Summit session, “How to Get Field Technology Adoption,” leaders from PENTA Building Group and Autodesk Construction Solutions will discuss how to build employee buy-in when implementing new technology. Speakers will share how to create transparent processes, engagement and training opportunities for their team to optimize field technology to its full potential.

4. Networking and Benchmark Opportunities

By attending the Connect & Construct conference, you’ll be immersed in an environment where you have the opportunity to form solid connections with industry peers and construction professionals from around the world.

Learn valuable insights, talk about leading strategies and discuss similar challenges within the industry. Additionally, gain a pulse on how well you are keeping up to industry best practices to find out what’s needed to stay ahead.

5. Bring Back a Souvenir: Meaningful Tips and Best Practices

With over 80+ workshops and classes to select from, you’ll learn the tricks, tips and new skills that can be implemented immediately into your projects–truly the bread and butter of this event.

For instance, in the session “PlanGrid Best Practices & Pro Tips,” you can learn how to fully optimize the productivity software. Speakers and customer advocates, Peter Razavi and Lorrin Blair, have helped hundreds of companies implement PlanGrid successfully. At the session, learn how they helped construction companies of all sizes standardize their workflows and reach new levels of productivity. Listen to real customer stories as Razavi and Blair share the lessons they have learned from customizing software implementation across business models and needs.

Make the Case to Come to Connect & Construct

If you’ll be in Las Vegas anyway for Autodesk University, don’t miss out on Connect & Construct Summit. Come a day early so you can check out everything that the Autodesk Construction Solutions team has to offer. Register today for a chance to network with peers and industry influencers, learn valuable strategies for improving construction operations, and test out the latest technology to help you stand out from the crowd.

If you need some extra help convincing your manager to attend Connect & Construct and AU, we’re here to help. Check out this customizable email template and cost calculator, sure to help your week at AU.


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