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How Heavy Civil Construction Teams Use Technology to Boost Field Productivity [Webinar]

How Technology Helps Heavy Civil Construction Teams Stay Connected [Webinar]

Heavy civil construction produces the backbone of our cities; the infrastructure that moves us from place to place, across bridges, neighborhoods and states. But while the demand for civil construction continues to grow, widespread inefficiencies and challenges in the sector seriously threaten project performance and as a result, the potential for our cities to thrive.

Infrastructure and heavy civil projects are uniquely challenging because of their size and horizontal nature. For instance, hundreds if not thousands of people can be spread out over several miles, with questionable internet connectivity, unforeseen conditions and more making communication and coordination in the field difficult at best. Just imagine the unique hurdles an engineer faces in a trailer 10-miles down the road when trying to communicate proposed design changes to contractors on a highway project. Or take into consideration field workers in a tunnel project, hundreds of feet underground, trying to track progress and updates to punch lists with no light or internet. 

Construction productivity software empowers teams in and off the field to be more productive. Demonstrating the power of field software to show how heavy civil builders can be more efficient is the goal of our recent webinar, “How PlanGrid Keeps Heavy Civil Connected, Anywhere.”

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Heavy Civil Construction Is Falling Short: Learn How to Fix It

Due to heavy civil project complexity, it’s easy to see how 30% of data created is lost in project turnover. Not to mention the massive labor shortage that affects 90% of all heavy civil construction, increasing labor costs and threatening growth. As a result, profit margins for contractors are low.

While some heavy civil construction companies have accepted the status quo and proceeded with business as usual, projects continue to suffer, leaving taxpayers feeling the result. On the other hand, some companies have adopted weak field technology that fails to actually increase coordination and communication. Without truly collaborative field technology and software, heavy civil construction productivity will continue to be as low as it was 15 years ago.  

By attending the webinar, you’ll discover the key benefits of utilizing technology in heavy civil construction, including:

  • Challenges heavy civil construction teams face on a daily basis and how to overcome them
  • Heavy civil-specific use cases for construction technology throughout the lifecycle
  • Best practices for successful construction technology implementation

Join our panelists and industry experts as they discuss how to make civil construction more efficient:

  • Kevin Somerville – VP of Business Development, Buesing Corp

  • Moderator:  Laura Serena, Professional Services Manager, PlanGrid

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Connectivity is essential to the success of infrastructure projects. When heavy civil construction teams connect with the right collaborative technology, projects can be delivered faster without the risk of outdated and missing information. Learn how to keep up with the rising demands of infrastructure projects and watch our webinar today!

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