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BuildingConnected + PlanGrid integration

Push Project Data from Preconstruction to the Field with BuildingConnected + PlanGrid Integration

 How GCs and Subs Save Hours with New Streamlined Workflow  

Today, the construction industry struggles to connect processes from preconstruction to the field. As simple as it may be to upload project information generated during the design and preconstruction processes — like plans, models, and estimates — project managers are still susceptible to missing critical files when handing over data. It’s no wonder that an estimated 30% of project data is lost during an average construction project.

Currently, the tools available to streamline these workflows are often cumbersome, resulting in manual, time-consuming work that can lead to inefficiencies and errors — until now. 

To solve this major problem for general contractors and subcontractors, we’re excited to introduce a brand new integration between BuildingConnected and PlanGrid that allows project managers to seamlessly transfer critical project data from preconstruction to the field. 

BuildingConnected + PlanGrid Integration

Closing the Gap with BuildingConnected + PlanGrid 

With the new integration, PlanGrid projects can be created in BuildingConnected in two quick steps, instantly pushing all design preconstruction files to PlanGrid and making them easily accessible from mobile devices on the jobsite.

For contractors already using the two products, the integration is a no-brainer. Seattle-based contractor, BNBuilders, is already using BuildingConnected to select the most qualified subcontractors and utilizing PlanGrid to keep them coordinated with stakeholders across the field and office. According to Melissa Gomez, Project Engineer at the firm, “BuildingConnected and PlanGrid empower us to build the right teams, easily collaborate and effectively manage both the people and the data we work with during preconstruction and construction.”

With a “push to PlanGrid” button, all files in BuildingConnected are automatically sent to PlanGrid. From there, they can be accessed immediately by the project team in the field, straight from their mobile devices. The integration allows the manager to sidestep manual and labor-intensive project creation and ensures accurate plans and data are available for the entire project team.

“Successful project execution starts the moment we win a deal. Our team immediately goes into overdrive to make sure we maximize efficiency throughout the entire build process, connecting workflows and seamlessly transferring complex data from the design and planning phase into the hands of workers on the job site,” said Mike Mehrwin, VDC manager at CRB. “By taking advantage of the BuildingConnected and PlanGrid integration, we’ll be able to close the gap between the preconstruction and building process and enable deeper collaboration between our office and field teams.”

Connecting Construction Data Across the Lifecycle

Autodesk’s goal is to digitize and automate construction workflows, connecting construction data and processes across design, preconstruction, construction, and operations. The BuildingConnected and PlanGrid integration creates a deeper integration between Autodesk’s portfolio of construction solutions and enables building teams to save money and collaborate more effectively.

Other recent integrations include:

  • BIM 360 Ops and PlanGrid – New integration that allows owners using BIM 360 Ops to easily manage work order tickets created in PlanGrid for more efficient building maintenance 
  • PlanGrid and RevitⓇ – Users have access to Revit Building Information Modeling (BIM) data, in either 2D or 3D, directly within PlanGrid on their mobile devices 
  • BIM 360Ⓡ and Assemble – Specifications and other project documents stored in BIM 360 are now available for viewing in Assemble models; Issue creation is now available in Assemble and tracked and managed via BIM 360 issue management workflows 
  • Assemble and NavisworksⓇ – New publishing capabilities allow project teams to access an increasing number of file types to bring coordinated models from Navisworks to Assemble

Click here to learn more about the BuildingConnected + PlanGrid integration.

Andrea Neiman

Director, Product Marketing, BuildingConnected

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