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10 Construction News Articles from August 2019 to Cap Off Your Summer Reading 

Summer construction season is winding down. While the weather might be cooling down, the construction content cycle is still heating up. This month, we came across many fascinating construction news and stories. Want to know how we ended our summer reading list for 2019? Check out our picks for the top construction news articles from August 2019, below.

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The Top Construction News Articles from August 2019

1. Why Does Data Management Matter?

Construction Executive 

construction executive

Strategic data management is becoming more important on projects. This article highlights not only the importance of managing data in construction but overviews several leading strategies to improve the process on the whole. 

2. How the top 5 college football teams’ stadiums were constructed

BuildingConnected Blog 

buildingconnected blog

College football season is officially here! Across the country, football stadiums are iconic for students and alumni alike. Read the BuildingConnected blog to learn how these epic structures were created. 

3. Report: Construction starts slow in 7 of top 20 US markets

Construction Dive

construction dive

If you’re looking for a high-level overview of the commercial construction growth across the U.S., check out this recap of the latest Dodge Data & Analytics report. 

4. Why Automation Is a Do-or-Die Decision in Construction

Construction Business Owner

construction business owner

Automation has been long buzzed as a needed staple in the future of construction. This Construction Business Owner article deep dives into why adopting automation will make the difference between success and failure for construction companies. 

5. How does the US and UK BIM process compare?

BIM Today


While this article is technically from last month (July 29), it’s close enough to an August debut and an important topic all construction professionals can learn something from. As the U.K. has adopted strict standards for BIM, this article explores how U.S. companies can successfully implement BIM, without set standards existing. 

6. Why an Online, Global Workforce Could Be the Future of Construction



Last month, we discussed how design and construction teams can help support a remote workforce. The Dataconomy blog explains why a remote global workforce is a rising trend in the industry and how companies can begin to adjust to the new normal. 

7. Skanska Included in Fortune’s “Change the World” List



Skanska is one the top construction companies in the world. However, the company is making headlines for a new and extremely notable accomplishment; being included in Fortune’s “Change the World” list. Check out the company’s blog to learn how the company is able to achieve such a feat. 

8. Prefab factory in the sky: Mace Group built working factories on top of under-construction skyscrapers 

Building Design & Construction


We’ve heard about external factories being able to build skyscrapers but this is the first time we’ve heard that a factory was being used on-site to build. That’s exactly what the Mace Group has done with two under-construction residential towers in Stratford. 

9. AU Las Vegas: The Future is Today

Connect & Construct 

connect & construct at autodesk university

Have you registered for Autodesk University (AU)? The conference takes place November 19-21 in Las Vegas and kicks off with a pre-conference, The Connect & Construct Summit, on Monday, Nov 18. Why should you attend the event? Read the blog to learn more. 

10. INSIDE ACCESS: VDOT Materials Lab tests asphalts, concrete

13 News Now


Across the country, the Department of Transportations (DOTs) have been adopting innovative technology and new methods as a way to help fix America’s infrastructure issues. The news spotlight showcases how the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) is utilizing a material testing lab to determine which road materials are performing under the pressure.


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