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Top Atlanta Construction Projects

10 of the Most Exciting Atlanta Construction Projects [SlideShare]

And How Atlanta Construction Companies Can Stay on Top of New Project Growth

As a city, Atlanta is known for many fantastic things including its southern hospitality, sports teams like the Braves, Falcons and Hawks and its eclectic music stylings from Ludacris to TLC. But in recent years, the city has become known for also being “the most liveable city” with more green space per resident than any other major U.S. city.  

Giving the countless benefits A-Town offers to its inhabitants, no wonder the city is experiencing rapid population growth. In the last decade, significant parts of the metro area have basically been built and revitalized in a trend of “urban renewal.” This includes Downtown Atlanta, where to accommodate for the population boom, there’s a heavy concentration of relatively new hotels, office towers, dining options, shops and, of course, parks. 

So, which upcoming Atlanta construction projects are getting the most buzz? Flip through our SlideShare to find out more about 10 of the most exciting projects under construction in Atlanta right now. You can quickly see the recap of our list below, but to see more details on budgets, expected completion dates and key project details, you need to click through the SlideShare. 

Also, scroll down below our list to learn about three ways Atlanta contractors can stay on top of this construction boom. 

10 of the Top Atlanta Construction Projects

  1. Centennial Yards
  2. The Atlanta BeltLine
  3. Midtown Union
  4. Fort Mac
  5. No. 2 Opus Place
  6. Phipps Plaza
  7. Pullman Yard
  8. Underground Atlanta/ Block 3
  9. College Park’s Gateway Center Arena
  10. Georgia Tech’s Living Building

3 Ways Atlanta Construction Companies Can Meet Growth Head On

With new growth, comes new hurdles. Today, more so than ever, Atlanta construction companies need to operate efficiently and embrace the tech-forward mindset to be successful in today’s changing built environment. 

So, what are the strategies needed to excel in building Atlanta construction projects today? Here are three of them. 

1. Learn from the Construction Industry’s Finest

For construction companies, attending industry events is among one of the best ways to gain insight into regional trends. It’s a chance to talk to other construction professionals and experience the latest innovations driving industry change. 

Are you looking for an upcoming event to attend? On Tuesday, October 1, the PlanGrid Roadshow is coming to Atlanta! The Atlanta Roadshow, happening at the stunning Georgia Aquarium, will bring together construction professionals from across the Peach State. With speakers from top Atlanta construction companies like Eckardt Electric and Chick-fil-A, attend sessions and learn about the leading tools and strategies needed for the industry’s future. 


Want to know what the show is all about? Check out highlights from PlanGrid’s last roadshow in Houston:

2. Participate in Advanced Training Options

Part of the beauty of construction is that there is always more to learn. A career in the building industry provides an opportunity for continuous and lifelong learning. There are always new skills to acquire, classes to enroll in and emerging technology to master. 

For construction professionals working in the Atlanta market, it’s critical to embrace new avenues for learning for yourself and your teams. Also on October 1 at the Atlanta Roadshow, construction professionals have the opportunity to participate in a free and valuable training. The event is offering both basic and advanced PlanGrid Certification Classes. Through the training, professionals will gain insider knowledge on how to maximize their team’s use of construction productivity software. 

What is PlanGrid Certification all about? Check out the following blog post for more information: Inside Certification: How We Created 139 PlanGrid Experts in 2 Hours 

If you’re interested in attending the training on October 1, register for PlanGrid’s Atlanta Roadshow today. 

3. Adopt the Latest Technology to Meet Market Demands

Atlanta’s construction boom isn’t fading anytime soon. Construction companies that adopt and embrace innovation will be able to competitively meet rising market demands while maintaining high-quality building standards. 

Has your team’s incorporated the latest technological tools into business models and projects? Essential technologies for high performing construction teams include cloud-based collaboration tools, BIM and automation tools to reduce the burden of manual and administrative work. 

If you are looking to get a leg up on the new construction technology on the horizon, you might want to check out the following ebook: Tomorrow’s Construction Technology.

Attention Atlanta Builders!

Can’t attend the Atlanta Roadshow on October 1? We’ll be posting show updates on our social channels, in addition to a recap post-show. Don’t miss out–follow our social channels today!:

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