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Top design and building articles from June 2019

10 Must-Read Design and Building Articles from June 2019 

Are we the only ones who cannot believe that 2019 is halfway over? Whether that makes you happy or anxious, we hope everyone has had a productive month. So much so that it’s kept you from catching up on the latest design and building articles from June 2019.

Whether you have or haven’t, we’ve curated 10 of the best news and stories that we read from this month. Feel like you’ve had enough of news from the month? You can also look back at the top construction news from past months, here.   

1. Four Ways to Help Close the Skills Gap in the Age of Automation

Autodesk News

The skills gap is a serious issue in the construction industry, and it doesn’t appear to be getting better any time soon. A recent report from the Autodesk Foundation and Deloitte explores how to close the gap in the age of automation. 

2. A different look at the construction labor situation


On a similar note, as the construction labor situation gets discussed quite frequently, it’s easy to overlook the reasons why. In this BuildingConnected post, Ed Zarenski from the Construction Analytics blog dives deep into the market data behind the shortage. 

3. Modular construction: From projects to products

McKinsey & Company

Construction companies are moving away from traditional jobsites and into factories. The insightful article from McKinsey & Company looks at the true potential of modular construction, including the opportunities and challenges it faces in pursuit of becoming standard.

4. Analysts: Infrastructure, modularization, resiliency top industry drivers

Construction Dive 

Did you have the chance to attend ENR FutureTech this month? Whether you did or did not, you don’t want to miss this recap on the top trends emerging from the event from Construction Dive. 

5. Pros & Cons Of Green Construction On Worker Safety

CEO World

We’ve discussed the benefits of green construction a great deal on our blog. Nonetheless, the post from CEO World highlights a surprising benefit of environmental consciousness in construction; improved safety. 

6. New Study Says Cost of Megaprojects Rising Quickly in US

Engineering News-Record (ENR)

Across the world, there are many incredible and exciting megaprojects under construction. However, these traditionally high-cost projects are getting more expensive. ENR uncovers why in a recent article.

7. New York City’s Evolving Skyline

New York Times

Is the NYC skyline you envision in your head the one that exists today? We all know that the city’s built environment has been picking up in recent years. Read to learn how luxury condos, in particular, are transforming the iconic city.

8. Blockchain Transactions Poised to Revolutionize the Construction Industry


Blockchain has been a buzzword when it comes to security, but it’s not a conversation that has quite fully reached the construction industry. Nevertheless, there are some amazing applications for blockchain that could apply to the construction industry. 

9. Role of BIM in Urban Construction

Geospatial World 

BIM is a technology that has reshaped the design and construction world forever. In urban cities, this equates to more efficient planning and use of space. Explore how in this blog post from Geospatial World. 

10. LEGOLAND Workers Sneaked What Inside Park’s Concrete Foundation? 

101.5 WPDH

It’s summer after all for half the world! We wanted to leave our readers with something lighthearted and fun to celebrate 2019’s midpoint. This story about the construction of LEGOLAND is one we can all understand and bond over. So what did the park’s construction team sneak into the concrete foundation? You’ll have to see for yourself by clicking the link above.

Share Your Picks for Top Design and Building Articles

There’s heaps of fantastic design and building articles from just this month alone. Read something we didn’t include in this post that you think we should have. Share in our comments below! We love to see what our community is reading today to stay ahead of construction trends. 

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