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10 Buzzworthy Construction Articles from July 2019 

Can’t believe we’re more than halfway through 2019? Us either. Summer is flying by–and for busy construction professionals, this has likely meant little time dedicated to catching up on the latest and greatest building news. 

But no frets–we’ve got you covered. While we’ve discussed hot topics like the future of automation in the industry, blockchain for building and data-driven construction on our blog, we’ve also compiled a list of other top construction articles from July 2019. Ready to get in some better late than never summer reading? Take a look below.  

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1. A Robot-Made Habitat for Mars Could Bring Sustainable Building Down to Earth


Sustainability and construction don’t often go hand-in-hand. Nevertheless, some companies are on a mission to change that. Take AI SpaceFactory, featured in this recent Redshift blog. The company won a NASA 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge where robots constructed habitats autonomously. Now, the company is focusing on how they can take autonomous construction that is much environmentally friendlier to earth. 

2. 3 Ways to Supercharge Your Revit Models to Win with BIM in Construction

Connect & Construct 

The majority of construction professionals are well aware of the benefits of BIM. However, putting BIM in practice to improve preconstruction is a whole new challenge. The post from Connect & Construct provides tactics to level up Revit workflows and enhance BIM in construction

3. 10 Projects in Which BIM was Essential


If you want even more BIM focused content, check out this ArchDaily article. The construction article from July highlights 10 impressive projects where BIM technology was critical.

4. June Construction Starts Climb 9 Percent

Dodge Data & Analytics 

How is the construction industry faring mid-way through 2019? Dodge Data & Analytics provides the latest construction market statistics. 

5. The future of AI in the construction industry


The topic of artificial intelligence in the construction industry is exciting and equally nerve-wracking to many of us. In this TechRadar post, read about the potential opportunities and benefits of adopting AI for construction companies.  

6. How to Avoid Poor Data Management Practices


Data is essential to moving the construction industry forward, but only if it is managed properly. This construction article from July takes a look at the leading strategies for managing data in the building sector to improve decision making and productivity. 

7. General contractors on why company culture is important in construction

BuildingConnected Blog

As construction professionals, we’re keenly aware of the current labor shortage. However, building a strong corporate culture is key to retaining and attracting top talent. But how? Read insight from top general contractors featured in this BuildingConnected blog. 

8. 3 Cybersecurity Best Practices for Safer Software Use

Construction Business Owner

Security is a concern for all businesses–including construction firms. As more technology becomes standard on jobsite, companies need to keep cybersecurity a top priority. This latest article from Construction Business Owner highlights best practices to maintain security when using construction software. 

9. 5 ways small, minority-owned firms can build success


The entire construction industry benefits from the work of minority and women-owned business enterprises. The deep dive from ConstructionDive explores five ways that these diverse companies can win more business and find success.  

10. Costs, Complications Plaguing Construction Industry Amid Hottest Summer Ever


Finally, to round out the list of top construction articles from July 2019, this Bisnow article takes a look at how companies are managing amidst the hottest summer on record ever. With more complexities to manage than ever, check out how some companies are overcoming the challenges. 

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