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How Personalized Data Will Change Construction

What PlanGrid Project Hub Means for Construction

The amount of data on jobsites is growing at a rapid rate. As an example, the publication, The Raconteur, cites the growing amount of data just in one large construction company, “The 2004 project contained 100 gigabytes of project data, including drawings, documents, image files and more than 100,000 e-mails; the 2014 project contained 6.6 terabytes of data, comprising 288,000 project e-mails and more than 11,000 construction drawings, which adds up to 66 times more data.”

Furthermore, as the popularity of cloud-based and mobile technologies grows and an increasing number of workflows and processes are digitized, more types of data are being processed and inputted on jobsites daily. However, despite the growing abundance of information in construction, can it truly be used to drive more informed decisions?

The truth is, most construction companies aren’t optimizing even a fraction of the data they have on hand. Meaning, while they have access to large amounts of data, that information isn’t being analyzed and collated to influence project and company decisions. In fact, only 15% of organizations are using data to drive decisions and business objectives. While some sectors like finance, advertising and healthcare have been honing in on the potential of data to make informed business decisions, construction’s utilization has remained unchanged.

At PlanGrid, we realized construction companies are struggling to act on the immense amount of data they have on hand. But with access to their most relevant data, in one place and real-time, project teams are all the more empowered to improve productivity and profits.

PlanGrid has already provided over 1.5 million projects the ability to capture and distribute data on the jobsite effortlessly. However, as we expand our product offerings for Field Reports, Tasks, Submittals, RFIs and more, we know that a quick and personalized view of the most critical and timely project information is the key for teams to unlock their data’s potential and make better decisions. As a first significant step in creating a platform to foster a whole new level of jobsite insight, we’re excited to announce the newest PlanGrid feature–Project Hub.

Introducing PlanGrid Project Hub

Project Hub harnesses critical data being captured in PlanGrid and provides high-level and personalized project insights to users. The new feature is a single place where users can get a pulse on their project in real-time, and act on the most critical items that need attention.

By providing the most valuable project information for each user, Project Hub is not only easy to use, but it’s also easy to understand in one look. Simple, dynamic and actionable, Project Hub gives teams visibility into projects like never before.

With Project Hub users will have access to one clean and tailored dashboard showcasing top-level information and insights, including, real-time updates, team sync statuses and urgent items.

PlanGrid Project Hub

Project Overview


Staying on top of your schedule is essential in construction. At the top of Project Hub, users can view a quick visual of project progress that includes the remaining time until completion.



Accurate weather insights are vital to daily construction activity. PlanGrid’s Project Hub lets field teams track local weather in real-time, as well as be on top of forecasts in the coming week.


Real-Time View

Team Sync Statuses

Is your field team up-to-date with the latest project information? The new dashboard provides a quick view of the percentage of your field team on the most up-to-date sheets and docs on their mobile devices. Project Hub also allows you to see the team members who are not the latest sheets and docs and easily take action to remind them.


Recent Activity

Interested in seeing the latest project activity? Project Hub surfaces the most relevant project activity for each user in real-time and chronological order. The dashboard makes top of mind project activity easy to consume and understand. Click directly on particular events to get more details or filter activity by the categories important to you.


Urgent Items

Assigned Work

To provide individual users with quick access to the work most relevant to their jobs, PlanGrid Project Hub includes a personalized view of work that needs to get done on a project. Initially consisting of tasks and RFIs, this is a central location to understand outstanding work across the project. It additionally highlights unassigned tasks and overdue items so that this work can be followed through.  


Actionable Construction Insights: The Future of PlanGrid

Project Hub is available for all PlanGrid users today, but this is just the first step in our journey to unleash the power of personalized data available on jobsites. PlanGrid’s platform will continue to evolve in more insightful and actionable ways for users.

Eventually, the platform will aid a whole new level of business strategy as it pairs ease of access with new visualizations to draw connections and puts it in the hands of decision-makers. From having a tighter integration between the field and office to refining workflows and processes, Project Hub will allow construction teams to be more productive and efficient.  

Start Unlocking the Potential of Personalized Data with PlanGrid Project Hub

Your projects are collecting an enormous amount and types of data; it’s time to maximize the incredible information your jobsites already are collecting with PlanGrid’s Project Hub. For more information, visit our website.

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Gautam Sanka

Gautam is a Product Manager at PlanGrid on the Insights team, which focuses on leveraging the data being captured through PlanGrid to better empower the field and the corporate office of construction companies. He is passionate about creating data visualizations that both delight and inform users. Gautam previously worked at Opower helping utility customers become energy efficient through behavioral data insights.