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Inside Certification: How We Created 139 PlanGrid Experts in 2 Hours

At PlanGrid, we’ve been hitting the road to connect with builders across the country. These one-day conferences, also known as PlanGrid Roadshows, offer localized content to construction professionals in key cities and regions across the U.S. in the form of training, keynotes and breakout sessions. Most importantly, these are events where we can connect with our customers and help them maximize their success using our tools.

Last month, we held our first roadshow in Houston, Texas, my hometown. Houston has consistently ranked amongst the top five biggest cities by population in the U.S.–and its growth isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Over the last few years, it’s been amazing to see the area where I grew up flourish. Houston has consistently lead the country in terms of job growth, especially in industries like oil and gas, construction, medicine and real estate. With more people and businesses flooding the city, there’s an increasing number of opportunities to build. At PlanGrid, we recognize the potential of the Houston construction market and wanted to get to know the community building it.

A key part of our roadshows is to instill confidence in our customers to get more value out of PlanGrid. New technology can be intimidating, and changing your mindset isn’t always easy. That’s where our team, PlanGrid Consulting Services, comes into the picture. During the Houston Roadshow, we trained 139 enthusiastic construction professionals on how to be PlanGrid experts in two short hours. How did we do it? Read on to find out.

Inside PlanGrid Certification Classes

In general, our team helps companies get maximum returns from their construction productivity software. PlanGrid is commonly referred to as an intuitive and easy-to-use software–and it truly is according to our customers. But this doesn’t mean that each user is getting the full benefits of what our software has to offer. As a result, we’re here to provide specialized and customized training based on a company’s needs, goals and current processes. Ultimately, our goal is to show users how they can save more time and money.

While Consulting Services primarily conducts training on a company and sometimes specific-project basis, our Roadshows are one-off ways to empower customers across the country to become superusers. That’s why we offered two options in our PlanGrid certification classes; Foundational and Advanced.

Behind the Foundational Training

In our Foundational PlanGrid Training, our goal is to get users comfortable in using the tool. In the construction industry, we encounter a variety of skill levels when it comes to technology. Quite often, we have users who are just starting to use tablets and other mobile devices for the first time. That’s why we know that half the battle is that first step–and we dive right in with a hands-on, interactive training session.

Whether you are completely new to PlanGrid or have used the program for some time now, our Foundational training is excellent for setting and reinforcing how to use our software’s simplest, yet, most powerful tools. We want our customers to leave knowing how to mark up plans, quickly find sheets and information on the go and reference other tools like specs, submittals, RFIs and reports all in a few quick steps.

As trainers, this means we need to get our users in the mindset of applying these new skills to their real projects. Although we train them on our realistic sample projects, we continually encourage them to think through their own workflows and ask specific questions that align with their unique company goals.  

PlanGrid Houston Certification

Behind the Advanced Training

Our Advanced PlanGrid Training dives all the more deeper. We typically recommend Advanced Training to those who have been using PlanGrid for some time now and feel quite comfortable using our basic tools. While we touch briefly on setting up workflows in our Foundational Training, our more advanced classes are an avenue for users to learn how to specifically set up processes centered around their business and project needs.

For instance, PlanGrid Tasks is one of our most popular tools and a way for teams to track their work across a project’s lifecycle. In our Advanced Training class at the Houston Roadshow, we walked our attendees through the feature as if they were on the jobsite and being faced with a real task.

“The Houston Roadshow Certification class was a great training experience as you would come to expect from a proven industry leader in the AEC software marketplace.” – Josh Gallet, AIA, NCARB

PlanGrid consulting services

Get More Out of PlanGrid with Consulting Services

Of course, our certification classes at PlanGrid Roadshows are one-off, special events. That being said, we’ll be stopping in more cities over the next year and your state or hometown could be next–so stay tuned!

Nevertheless, you don’t need to attend a Roadshow to benefit from PlanGrid Consulting Services. We’re available throughout the year for construction companies looking to get started on the right foot or level up their whole team’s expertise with our software.

With PlanGrid Consulting Services, ensure your team knows how to use PlanGrid with bespoke training and company-specific workflows and Quick Start Guides. All trainings are customized to fit your company’s goals and workflows. We are also available to train organizations of all sizes–from small businesses to large enterprise organizations.

Interested in learning more about PlanGrid Consulting Services? Visit our website today!


Laura Serena

Laura is the Lead Consultant and Trainer for the San Francisco Bay Area. Before joining PlanGrid, she spent four years as an engineer in the heavy civil construction sector, working on large-scale projects like the Bay Area Rapid Transit extension in the South Bay and Transbay Terminal in Downtown San Francisco. She also spent one year working as a consultant for Deloitte. She holds a BS in Civil Engineering from UCLA, as well as a minor in Theater. When she’s not in front of customer’s helping implement PlanGrid, she enjoys traveling, music and working out so that she can enjoy all the food San Francisco has to offer.

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