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How PlanGrid Consulting Services Empowers Teams to Do More

In life, most skills can be learned with enough practice. You can run a marathon, learn how to knit and even start to code. But to create winning strategies based on your long term goals to run a 7-minute mile, knit a sweater or code a complicated website, extra guidance can make a massive difference between an “old college try” and full-blown success.

In construction, there are so many digital tools at your disposal. While learning how to use them in a basic sense isn’t rocket science, maximizing their use based on your project and company goals can be more challenging.

When using PlanGrid, many companies are fast to get up and running with accessing their plans and other documents. However, many project stakeholders fall short when it comes to optimizing workflows that ultimately make their jobs faster and projects run smoother.

To help companies get the most out of their construction productivity software, PlanGrid’s Consulting Services team offers everything from live webinars to onsite, interactive trainings.

How Weigand Construction Used Consulting Services to Standardize on PlanGrid

Recently, Weigand Construction wanted to extend its use of PlanGrid across the entire organization. “At Weigand, we really want to use technology to help the field. As we were looking at PlanGrid and how much we were going to invest in it as a company, we didn’t want to mess this up,” said Bishop Brown, Chief Technology Officer, Weigand Construction.

“We wanted to be cautious and bring in experts.”  

Weigand decided to enlist the help of experts in PlanGrid Consulting Services. After completing a recent onsite training, Dan Roe, Project Superintendent, Weigand Construction, commented, “Even though I’ve been using it [PlanGrid] for a year, I learned several little things that can help you be more efficient. Now there are shortcuts I didn’t even realize were there.”

Watch more about Weigand Construction’s training experience with PlanGrid in our new video:

Getting More Out of Your Investment with PlanGrid Consulting Services

Our team of expert trainers makes your success a top priority. With decades of software implementation and construction experience, from design to operations, the PlanGrid Consulting Services team has worked with thousands of customers worldwide to provide an effortless PlanGrid training and deployment experience for the office and field.

With PlanGrid Consulting Services, we will help your team:

  • Standardize workflows in PlanGrid to enhance communication and efficiency.
  • Optimize the document control process to eliminate rework and double entry.
  • Implement field-driven tasks to reduce turnaround time.
  • Connect PlanGrid documents and data to the other software that powers your business.

Custom Training Packages

Ensure your team knows how to use PlanGrid with bespoke trainings and company-specific workflows and Quick Start Guides. All trainings are customized to fit your company’s goals and workflows. PlanGrid Consulting Services is also known for training organizations of all sizes–from small businesses to large enterprise organizations.

Interested in learning more about PlanGrid Consulting Services? Visit our website today!


Jessica Pollack

Jessica is the Director of PlanGrid’s Consulting Services team. After studying architecture in college, Jessica decided to take her love of design and construction into a career at Turner Construction. She implemented PlanGrid on her own projects and then moved abroad to implement PlanGrid on a hotel and casino project in China. When not working, Jessica loves being a tourist in her own city and eating her way through San Francisco.

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