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Contech madness Round 3

ConTech Madness Round 3: Vote to Win

The contest has closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of our ConTech Madness winner!

Which of the Final Four Will Win 2019 ConTech Madness?  

We’re getting close to naming our technology champion for 2019 ConTech Madness! Round 2 wrapped up yesterday, and it was another exciting showdown. Hundreds of ConTech fans showed up and voted for the innovations they believe are a slam dunk for the future of the construction industry. But there’s one last opportunity to vote and choose a ConTech Madness champ. Today through April 5, you can still enter to win a YETI Roadie 20 Cooler by voting in Round 3.

VOTE in Round 3 HERE

ConTech Madness round 3

Once voting closes on April 5, the technology with the most votes will be declared the 2019 ConTech Madness Champion. We’ll also randomly select one fan to win the grand prize, a YETI Roadie 20 Cooler. Full contest rules are here.

Our Predictions for Round 3

We have a fierce lineup for our Final Four:

  • Design Automation Vs. Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Vs. Laser Scanning


If you need a refresher on all the construction technology competitors, read our last ConTech Madness blog post.

In the meantime, here are our thoughts on how we think the games may play out.


Office Technology Winner

Get ready for a good game as Design Automation faces BIM in the final round. Both technologies are strong competitors in the office when it comes to accelerating the design side of construction. Nevertheless, we believe that BIM might win it all due to its rising influence in the entire construction lifecycle. In recent years, BIM has proven to be an MVP in not just preconstruction and design, but its presence has been growing the field and during operations and maintenance (O&M). Due to its robust strategy in improving efficiency and collaboration throughout the construction process, we’re putting our bets on BIM as the office technology champ.


Field Technology Winner

Lasers versus robots might be the most futuristic pairing we could think of when it comes to ConTech. However, while Laser Scanning has been a significant time-saving tool for progressive construction teams, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence has an unmatched defense strategy when it comes to improving jobsite safety. Another major competitive advantage Team Robotics & Artificial Intelligence has against Laser Scanning is the technology’s ability to assist during the current labor shortage. We’re calling a close game in Round 3 of ConTech Madness but think that the combined strengths of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence will crown them field technology winners.


2019 ConTech Madness: Who Will Win It All?

Which of the ConTech Madness Final Four will win the game? We can’t wait to see the results from the final showdown. Vote today and stay tuned. Next week, we’ll announce the 2019 ConTech Madness winner in addition to who won the YETI Cooler!

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