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Are you a diehard fan of PlanGrid? Do you eat, sleep and breathe construction productivity software? Or perhaps your feelings are a bit less dramatic like maybe you’ve noticed a few small but powerful changes from using the platform; an hour saved here, or maybe potential conflict avoided there. Basically, you’re liking what you’re seeing and you’re not stopping anytime soon.

Whether you’re PlanGrid’s #1 fan or have had a few positive experiences you’re willing to share with a broader community, you could be a perfect fit for our Champion Program.

We’re very excited to announce the launch of PlanGrid’s Champion Program! The new program recognizes customers for being trailblazers and change agents by spotlighting their success within their organization and industry. Champions benefit from increased recognition and awareness and enhance their relationship with PlanGrid leadership. Members have the opportunity to take part in a range of activities that tell their story and provide positive exposure for their success.

How does it work?

Simple–fill out a form here:

Apply HERE

Signing up is easy! You can specify which activities you’d like to partake in and how often you want to be contacted with opportunities. It’s as simple as that! We will contact you when an opportunity arises and schedule a call to discuss.

What’s in it for me?

Why become a PlanGrid Champion? There are many benefits to joining the program including:

  • Advance your career by being in the spotlight as an industry thought leader  
  • Connect with like-minded individuals in your own community
  • Forge deeper relationships with PlanGrid leadership and our product development organization
  • Join PlanGrid beta and early access to product releases
  • Receive VIP treatment at our annual events and national roadshows
  • Join the conversation as PlanGrid customers are some of the top construction professionals changing how the industry operates

Join the Champion Program

See Our Current PlanGrid Champions

What does a PlanGrid Champion look like? While our champions come from a diverse range of roles and career experiences, they do have one thing in common; they are passionate about advancing the construction industry forward through innovation. Check out a few of our current Champions, below:

Sheila Ohrenberg – President, Sorella Group Sheila Ohrenberg - President, Sorella Group

“The construction industry is constantly changing. There’s always new, innovative technology entering the market to make it easier, safer and faster.”





Matt Hoey – Director of Business Innovation, Marx|Okubo Associates, Inc.

“Communication is king in construction and PlanGrid has been the most successful tool we have used to literally be on the (right) same page with designers, Owners, subcontractors, and consultants–collaborating and solving problems from anywhere on any device.”





Brent Cranmer, Vice President of Technology and Virtual Design and Construction, ISEC

“A huge influence as to why we went ahead and decided to adopt PlanGrid enterprise-wide was its adaptability and ease of use in the field. When you have someone who’s been a builder for 20 years or so, and you put a new piece of technology in their hands, you certainly don’t want them to spend significant time learning how to use it. Beyond that, as PlanGrid continues to innovate additional experiences and features, we’re looking forward to leveraging them.”


Leonard “Lenny” Coleman, Associate, Whitman, Requardt and Associates, LLP

“Our initial introduction to PlanGrid was via a punch list. During post-construction, we’ve been utilizing that feature alone to get everyone on the same page for quality standards and to make sure that we’re tracking issues accurately. We took one project with over 300 punch list items and closed it out in 30 days. The previous contract without PlanGrid had over 600 items–it took us almost six months. The proof is in the numbers.”


Dominic Daughtrey, Continuous Improvement Program Manager at Sundt Construction

“I worked with a senior superintendent that had been doing the same thing for 30 years and wasn’t looking to change…until he saw PlanGrid. He actually took the iPad out of my hands and (metaphorically speaking) gave it a big hug.”





Nick McComb, General Foreman, Cupertino Electric

“Our shop knows I’m the most prolific user of PlanGrid. It makes my life more simple, I can get whole drawing sets to the field that are always accurate. I manage it because that’s where we can make or break ourselves. Every general foreman and site superintendent has an iPad now.”

Ian Nichols, Project Manager, Edwards Construction Service

“The aha moment for me was not having to waste time at a print shop. That included me driving thirty minutes down there and delivering drawings which only come down on Tuesdays. With PlanGrid you have them all right then at a drop of a hat.”






Cliff Cole, VDC/BIM Manager, The PENTA Building Group

“I’m a bachelor, so I have this thing called the Instapot. It’s basically one solution that accomplishes many different things when you’re cooking. You could technically live without it, but to replace it, you would need about 7 different kitchen equipment. What PlanGrid does well is it’s one solution that accomplishes many functions in construction. To replace it, you’d need multiple solutions and you wouldn’t achieve the same level of efficiency.”

Alyssa jaber

Alyssa is the Customer Experience Maven at PlanGrid. She manages customer engagement initiatives and partners with our customers to help them evangelize the work they’re doing, as well as the success they’re having with PlanGrid. When Alyssa’s not connecting with customers, she’s traveling up and down the California coast hiking, cooking, and spending time with family.

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