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Getting Up and Running with Construction Standardisation [webinar]

The construction world is embracing large-scale adoption of technology in the field. This impacts everyone in the industry–from individual subcontractors to the large contractors they so often collaborate with. Achieving a higher level of success on your project is attainable when you begin applying best practices to your work.

When work processes are not documented, it causes confusion within a team—especially when problems arise.

Technology like PlanGrid helps build transparency into construction projects, which drives improved collaboration and efficiency. This can be further enhanced by adding a level of technology standardisation to maximise the benefits and ensure consistency over the course of all projects.

For many teams, getting started with a plan for construction standardisation can be a major hurdle–but we’re here to help. Watch our recent webinar now:

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Learning to improve predictability and efficiency through construction standardisation

When a process has a clear definition and a consistent sequence of work, your team wastes less time debating how to solve a problem. With standardisation, a problem is defined as anything outside of the specified standard.

In our webinar, we’ll discuss how standardizing across your project will:

  • Improve communication
  • Boost productivity
  • Reduce training time and costs
  • Lower support and maintenance costs
  • Gain and retain data and insight for future projects

Tips to create your digital strategy

The session will outline how construction firms can implement a comprehensive digital strategy that delivers improved results, and keeps an entire project or organisation on the same page.

Kyle Spiller, Director, SAM Drylining will outline his experience implementing PlanGrid, including adding standardisation at a project level to build powerful transparency across the team.

Learn how PlanGrid supports companies to:

  • Deliver digital technology in construction
  • Implement standardisation, outlining best practice in the industry
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency across all project teams

Register today to watch the webinar live or receive the recording once it ends.

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Getting started with construction standardisation today

When done correctly, standardising with construction technology can provide significant benefits to teams. In addition to watching our webinar, you can also download our helpful guide, “5 Steps to Standardising Your Project on PlanGrid.”  

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