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Contech Madness Round 2

ConTech Madness Round 2: Vote for a Chance to Win

Round 2 has ended. Learn more about Round 3, here. 

Who Were the Biggest Winners and Upsets in the First Face-Off?

Our community has spoken and eight challengers for the “2019 ConTech Madness: Technology Game Changers” have emerged. Voting for Round 2 (and another chance to win) is now open, but make sure to read our Round 1 recap below:

Contech Madness round 2

Vote in Round 2 today for the chance to win a YETI Roadie 20 Cooler.


Even if you voted in Round 1, you’re still eligible for a second chance to win by voting in Round 2. Alternatively, even if you didn’t vote in Round 1, don’t worry–you can still vote in Round 2 for a chance at winning. Check out our full contest rules here.

Remember, voting for Round 2 ends on April 2. Our third and final round will be open from April 3-5 to determine who will win from the final four! If you need a refresher on all the construction technology competitors, read more in our last blog post.

ConTech Madness: Round 1 Recap

The Biggest Winners & Upsets

Building Information Modeling (BIM) Sweeps Virtual Reality

In Round 1 of ConTech Madness, the biggest winner was BIM over Virtual Reality. Leading the game right from the start, BIM managed to get over 70% of the votes and rose as the clear champion in this match. While VR has been making strong waves in the building sector, it’s hard to compete with a construction technology powerhouse like BIM. We can’t wait to see how this staple design and construction technology will fare against the preconstruction winner, Estimating and Bidding Software, in Round 2.


Laser Scanning Steals the Win from the Internet of Things (IoT) & Wearables

At the start of Round 1, IoT & Wearables gained a significant lead over team Laser Scanning. But in the last half of the round, Laser Scanning had a surprising surge of popularity. At the end of the round, Laser Scanning emerged victoriously and captured more than 56% of the votes. Watch out for this technology in Round 2 as it battles it out against a strong competitor–Field Collaboration Software.


Closest Calls

A Heated Match for Prefabrication & Modular Construction Vs. Field Collaboration Software

Whew–what a game! The closest match of the entire round was Prefabrication & Modular Construction versus Field Collaboration Software. These strong competitors were in a constant battle for the lead at the close of each day. But once the buzzer went off, Field Collaboration Software had slid ahead with less than a 1% lead.

A Close but Steady Lead for Scheduling Tools over Predictive Analytics

Two other ConTech competitors that remained neck-and-neck throughout Round 1 were Scheduling Tools and Predictive Analytics. Both technologies have been winners for construction teams working in the office over the last few years. However, in 2019 ConTech Madness, Scheduling Tools managed to have a lead of 1-2 votes for the duration of the match and held the lead until the end.


More Exciting ConTech Madness Matchups to Come!

Have you voted in Round 2 yet? Don’t miss out on your chance to enter to win a YETI cooler, perfect for your next big game day or jobsite barbeque.


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