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Behind the Build: Interview with David Bischoff, Assistant Project Manager, Webcor Builders

Those working in construction get to see projects in a state that most in the general public never have the fortune of seeing. From inside the walls of our structures to underneath the ground of our foundations, construction professionals have a unique perspective and appreciation of all the small details that go into a build. Recently, David Bischoff, Assistant Project Manager at Webcor Builders, shared his own extraordinary view on a project at 75 Howard in downtown San Francisco for PlanGrid’s 5th Annual Axe Contest.

5 75 Howard

After seeing the stunning photo from above the project, complete with a view of the Bay Bridge, we knew we had to learn more. In this edition of Behind the Build, we speak with David about his 18-year journey in the industry. Read his story, below.

What first got you into construction?

My father was an engineer and he used to take me with him to all his large projects in California. I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands and at the age of 18, I became a residential carpenter in Marin County, CA. At 25, I went back to school and got a degree in Construction Management and Civil Engineering.

What do you love most about working in construction?

I appreciate the ever-changing architecture and the associated challenges constructing the design. I appreciate the challenge of innovation required to build these unique structures.

Do you have any amusing stories from your first few days on the job?

Absolutely. During one of my first days at work, my co-worker asked me to get the lumber stretcher when I made an incorrect cut to a 2×4. I must have searched for a full twenty minutes before someone told me there was no such thing.

Tell us more about the project you photographed for the Axe Contest. Why are you proud of this project?

The project I photographed was a view from 75 Howard. It is one of the landmark high rises being constructed in the downtown of San Francisco. Most of all, I’m very proud of getting the opportunity to work with the team who built it.

What do you think is the most challenging part of working in the construction industry?

Keeping your crews safe while project schedules and structural design become increasingly more aggressive and complex.

How has technology changed the way you work in construction?

The creation of programs like PlanGrid has allowed for an easier flow of information that’s now available at your fingertips. It has allowed Webcor Builders to keep up with increasingly difficult projects and demanding schedules.

How did you first start using PlanGrid?

A co-worker of mine introduced the project team to PlanGrid a few years ago. I was amazed at how easy drawing issuances and distribution of information to the crews became. PlanGrid has allowed us to exponentially increase communication between our field and the general contractor and helped us in creating a higher quality product.

What’s your favorite PlanGrid feature?

The punchlist feature. Tracking punchlists before PlanGrid was a paper trail nightmare. Now all parties can work together, and meet less (saving everyone valuable time), to complete the punchlist of the project.

What advice do you have to share with the next generation of builders?

Take your time and do it right. The safety of your people and the quality of the product is in your teams’ hands.


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