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10 of the Best Construction News from March 2019

Catch Up on the Top Construction News from March

As we are well into 2019 by now, we’re guessing that we are entering a busy season for many construction professionals. Who has time to read sift through the daily construction news anyways when there are so many project details to manage?

Whether you’re a dedicated news junkie or have been slacking on catching up on the latest construction articles, we have you covered. Check out our list of the top 10 construction news from March 2019.

1. Another Role for Construction Cranes: Economic Indicator

C.J. Hughes, The New York Times

Do you have the RLB Crane Index in your city or metro area? Snapping up the attention of construction professionals and media outlets alike, this index has been communicating more than just the number of projects in a city. The crane index is being cited as an indicator of economic health.

2. How One UK Company Is Taking on the Skilled-Labor Shortage in Construction

Elizabeth Rosselle, Redshift

The skilled labor shortage is a global issue for construction firms. With uncertainty over Brexit in the UK, outlook on improving the situation does not look good in the near future. But one firm, Kier, is looking to be proactive and face the labor shortage head-on. Read to learn more about its “Modernise or Die,” strategy.

3. Can artificial intelligence help cut jobsite risks of construction?

Jeff Quackenbush, North Bay Business Journal

Many are still uncertain about the potential of artificial intelligence in construction. The North Bay Business Journal article looks at the impact of newly released machine learning platform, Construction IQ.

4. Reach for the sky: 3 technologies allowing us to build taller skyscrapers

Jim Lichtenwalter, BuiltWorlds

The race for cities to have the tallest and most advanced skyscraper has been ongoing for decades. However, which technology will allow skyscrapers to reach new heights? Read to learn about three innovations helping construction companies build better upwards.

5. How Changing Climate is Changing the Construction Industry

Kimberly Hegeman,

Climate change is a worldwide issue, and it’s changing the construction industry. This Q&A with Raken Co-founder highlights the key areas where contractors need to be concerned and how to deal with new changes in our environment.

6. Winning New Business Starts in the Field

Joanna Masterson, Construction Executive

What’s the secret to winning new business in construction? According to a leading national electrical contractor, Power Design, it’s the performance in the field. Learn more about their strategy for field success in this Construction Executive post.  

7. US colleges adopt PlanGrid for campus construction

Kim Slowey, ConstructionDive

Higher education institutions are jumping on board to construction technology to improve both construction and facility maintenance across campuses. Learn why with 15 institutions have adopted PlanGrid’s productivity software this year alone.

8. What happens if foreign construction workers leave the UK?

James Bryce, RICS

Brexit is a hot topic this month, and it’s creating concerns in the construction industry. The post discusses the impact Brexit would have a further impact on the already short supply of skilled workers in the building sector.

9. More women work in construction industry that’s still a man’s world

The Associated Press, Daily Commercial News

In March, celebrations for Women in Construction Week, International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month reminded us of the incredible accomplishments of females in the construction industry. To read more about the slow but steady rise of women in construction, check out this must-read article.

10. Report: Floods of Digital Project Data Can Create Illusion of Control

Richard Korman, ENR

We all know that more data and information in construction is a positive thing. However, if it’s not being utilized, it is a false illusion of success. Learn more in this recent study from HKA.

Share Your Top Construction News from March

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