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Top construction news february 2019

Catch Up on the Top Construction News from February 2019

10 Must-Read Articles from the Month

If you’re like most of us, getting your daily dose of construction news can be difficult when you’re balancing your personal and professional life. To make it easier on you, we compile the top construction news, blogs, articles and think pieces that you should be reading from each month.

We have a great lineup of top construction news from February 2019. From leading construction technology trends to the latest in LEED, scroll through our list below.

1. 5 Major Construction Technology Trends to Watch in 2019

Adam Higgins, Connect & Construct

We’ve highlighted top construction trends to watch out for in 2019 in both the UK and APAC region on our blog this year. To learn about specific technology trends in the coming year, check out this recent Connect & Construct blog.

2. Accelerating late-stage construction: Mastering the sprint finish

Andy Thain, McKinsey & Company

Industry thought-leader, McKinsey & Company, published a recent article providing insight and tips on how to improve productivity even in the latest stages of construction. The post delves into how to debottleneck work and implement lean techniques to finish a project on time.

3. Seven Areas To Tackle Poor Productivity In Construction With ConTech

Angelica Krystle Donati, Forbes

It’s common knowledge that construction technology can be a useful tool, but understanding where it has the potential for maximum impact can be challenging. Read this post to learn about the key areas where tech can improve efficiency in the construction process.

4. Three Steps to Being a LEED-friendly General Contractor

Ray Hatch,

LEED is becoming more of a norm on construction projects. To keep a leg up on LEED-friendly practices, discusses several steps to take to deliver successful certification.  

5. The History of Prefabrication, From Roman Forts to Modern Modular Housing


While prefabrication may seem like a new technique to some, there is significant history to the building method. Read (and watch) this Redshift post to learn about the evolution of the construction technique starting with its ancient origin.

6. Extreme architecture: The great lengths (and heights) of high design

Antonio Pacheco, The Architects Newspaper

The article highlights three incredible feats of recent architecture setting the bar high for what quality design means.  

7. The Top 10 US States for LEED Certified Construction in 2018

Shane Hedmond, Construction Junkie

Curious about which states are taking sustainable construction seriously? This Construction Junkie blog lists the top 10 US states for LEED certified construction.

8. NYU establishes construction innovation hub

Kim Slowey, Construction Dive

Younger generations and students are the future of the construction industry. Learn more about a recent construction innovation hub from New York University designed to “promote efficiency, sustainability and safety within the industry and help executives find solutions to the issues that can make a project late or over budget.”

9. Half of city projects are overbudget and behind schedule, councilman says

Joe Anuta, Crain’s New York Business

To understand why New York would need an innovation hub like the one from NYU  in the first place, it’s helpful to understand the current state of problems within the industry. Learn more about the cost and budget overruns sweeping half of the projects in the city.

10. Is the Revolution of 3D-Printed Building Getting Closer?

Thessa Lageman, CityLab

We’ve previously discussed the state of 3D printing in the construction industry on our blog. The CityLab article takes a more in-depth look at how close the technology is revolutionizing the construction industry.

What Top Construction News Are You Reading?

Did you read about an inspiring project? See something that made you think differently about a common construction problem? Or did you get sucked into a deep dive on a new cutting edge technology? We want to see it too! Share your top construction news with us in the comments below.

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