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10 Incredible Construction Photos You Need to See: Announcing the 5th Annual Axe Contest Winners

Any builder around the world knows that job sites are way more than dirt, steel and tools. If you consider the detailed designs, the team of dedicated craftswoman and men and sophisticated tools all needed to build, projects can at times feel more like an art space than a work site.

Last month, we closed out PlanGrid’s 5th Annual Axe Contest, our annual photo competition that showcases extraordinary imagery captured in construction. This year, we were blown away by the quality and emotion captured in the hundreds of images we received. Submissions in our two themes, Picture Perfect and Day in the Life, perfectly captured both stunning projects in their full glory and the hardworking teams behind the builds.  

We’re excited to announce this year’s contest winners and finalists. Considering that this year’s contest theme was the same as our weekly series, “Behind the Build,” we’ll also be featuring contest winners and finalists in the weeks ahead. But for now, take a look the amazing construction photos from the 5th Annual Axe Contest winners and finalists photos, below.

10 Stunning Construction Photos from PlanGrid’s 5th Annual Axe Contest


Picture Perfect

Nick Sundberg, Josef Gartner USA/Permasteelisa NA, Canadian Museum of Human Rights

“I am the Warranty/Service PM for all of North America, PlanGrid allows me, and my site managers to not only review all pertinent drawings and specs, but the ability to keep a Warranty issue history with notes and photo documentation is extremely beneficial, not only when resolving the current issue, but for knowing the history if the issue reoccurs.”

1 Canadian Museum of Human Rights

Day in the Life

Matt Hoey, Marx|Okubo Associates, SF Ferry Terminal Expansion

“Communication is king in construction and PlanGrid has been the most successful tool we have used to literally be on the (right) same page with designers, Owners, subcontractors, and consultants — collaborating and solving problems from anywhere on any device.”


Picture Perfect

David Cox, DPR Construction, Conrad Prebys Performing Arts Center

“The easiest way to access drawings in the field.”

Jessica Winspear, Midwest LP / Midwest Group, National Music Centre/Studio Bell

“PlanGrid has quickly become a part of our daily routine both in our manufacturing facility and on site. In construction, especially with multiple projects going at once, communication is key. PlanGrid allows us to keep track of daily progress on each of our sites for our owners and project management team. It also allows us to quickly update the field with red-lined plans and any changes that need to be made. Being able to share one set of plans across multiple locations and people has us running efficiently and keeps everyone on the same page.”

4 National Music Centre-Studio Bell

David Bischoff, Webcor Builders, 75 Howard

“PlanGrid has allowed us to exponentially increase communication between our field and the GC, and helped us in creating a higher quality product.”

5 75 Howard

Ricky L. Lewis, Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), Rte.100 Bridge Improvements

“PlanGrid allows for quicker on site documentation and troubleshooting with the Engineering departments when issues are encountered.”

6 RTE 100 Bridge Improvements

Day in the Life

Kyle Hlebak, Snavely Building Company, The Quarter

“PlanGrid has allowed us to communicate quickly and effectively in the field.  It alleviates the stress of organizing and maintaining RFI & punch list databases by allowing these forms to be manipulated and dispersed immediately from the field.”

7 The Quarter

Alastair Malcolm, LSF Structures, Spring District II

“Simple, easy, productive.”

2 Spring District II

Bill Eakin, Eakin Partners, Peabody Plaza

“PlanGrid gives the owner the simple tools and resources to help turn prospects into tenants.”  

9 Peabody Plaza

Abigail Scheel, Kitchell Contractors Inc., Health Sciences Innovation Building

“PlanGrid has been our savior on this project. With it being a phased design we have had over 85 different drawing revisions issued through its lifetime. The amount of time we have saved from having to manually slip sheet drawings is incredible. Not only that, but we also are currently using PlanGrid for our building punch list which lets us easily post, sort through issues, and create reports to issue to the trades. It’s so intuitive and easy to use.”

10 Health Scienes Innovation Building

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