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5 Essential Construction Resources to Kick Off 2019

Jump Into the New Year with the Right Mindset

2019 is in full force. From a business and job perspective, the New Year is a time for clean starts, new beginnings and a refreshed look into how you can improve your core operations and strategies. However, while many of us have good intentions to set data-driven goals and establish new mindsets at the start of the year, fewer of us actually follow through and set up success in a meaningful way. In fact, according to U.S. New, 80% of resolutions fail by the second week of February.

Nevertheless, the reason why resolutions fail is often that they were not the right goals to begin with. In addition to a full review of your own internal processes and efficiencies, getting off on the right foot sometimes takes a bit of external focus. Looking at the construction industry as a whole, it’s helpful to see what’s working in addition to what’s not to start developing a refined strategy for the New Year.

To help kickstart your year the right way, we’ve compiled a list of 5 fresh (and free) construction resources that you need in this critical planning time to help you improve your productivity and scale your business. Ready to make 2019 your most productive year ever? Dive in, below.

1. Construction Disconnected Report

Is your company spending money on technology but feel like you’re not getting the most out of the spend? In PlanGrid and FMI’s groundbreaking report, Construction Disconnected, nearly 600 construction leaders were surveyed about how their teams spend time and leverage technology investments. The report revealed a $177 billion waste in labor costs due to inefficiencies. If you’re looking to learn more about the specific activities where time and money are drained, as well as learn where your team’s time can be optimized in 2019, download the report today.

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2. The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Construction Software

Each year, readers ask us which are the top construction technologies and software. In this latest buyer’s guide, we break down your technology options and explain why you need it. From safety to bidding and estimating, to productivity software to project management and cloud storage to accounting programs, the guide is a comprehensive overview of the software construction firms should have on their radar. Download “The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Construction Software” today.


3. JBKnowledge Report 2018

For the past seven years, construction industry influencer and thought leader, JBKnowledge produces an annual construction technology report. These construction resources should be considered the bread and butter of anyone looking to learn more about the sector’s tech landscape. The 2018 report is the biggest yet and is chock-full of new data-driven insight into innovation in the industry. Do you know how your company matches up to others in the building sector? Learn about the leading trends and strategies that construction firms are taking to improve their business with technology and innovation by downloading the free report.

2018 JB Knowledge Report

4. KPIs Construction Report

For many construction firms, January is a major planning month. It’s the opportunity to look back at what was successful (as well as what was not). A New Year is the time to set measurements and goals to improve. Evaluating and setting new KPIs should be vital part of the planning season.

The research report, “The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of Construction,” is a result of a partnership between Autodesk partnered with Dodge Data and Analytics surveying over 200 construction professionals to identify and analyze current processes for planning and executing projects. If you’re looking to benchmark your KPI process with the leading strategies in the industry, download the report.

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KPI report

5. 40 Under 40: Construction Champions of 2018

Sometimes the best motivation to get yourself and teammates to work harder is to look at what success looks like in the industry. Recently, we announced our 40 Under 40 list for the top mover and shakers in construction from 2018. These individuals have already accomplished so much in their careers so far. Take a look at their accomplishments and look up for ways you can adapt their success to your own teams and projects. Who knows, maybe you’ll be featured on the 2019 list?

What Construction Resources Are on Your Essential List for 2019?

Take the time to set your construction firm up for success in 2019. Looking for a steady stream of construction resources to help your company and projects improve throughout the year? Visit the Resource section of our blog and subscribe to our weekly newsletter for the most up to date content delivered straight to your inbox.

Think we’re missing a resource in our list? Share below in the comments and we’d love to check it out and share potentially with our readers!

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