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top building and design articles from January 2019

10 Must-Read Building and Design Articles from January 2019

With a fresh year ahead, diving into new ideas and concepts is a great way to begin 2019. Last year, we started to recap our favorite building and design articles for each month. We’re continuing the trend this year, starting with our picks for the top construction articles in January. So before digging into the jobsite, dig into these 10 articles for building and design news and inspiration.

Top 10 Building and Design Articles of the Month

1. 7 trends that will shape commercial construction in 2019

Construction Dive

Reading industry trends articles is a fantastic way to start your 2019 construction reading. The article from industry insider, Construction Dive, explores seven of the most significant trends in the commercial sector.

2. Will BIM turn contractors into manufacturers?


While the future of BIM looks bright, it’s unclear just how broad of an impact the innovation will make. This article recaps a recent roundtable discussion that discusses both the challenges and opportunities for firms using BIM.

3. How Mobile Technology Can Help Construction Companies Close the Labor Gap


Construction technology can do just more than improve productivity. CONEXPO-CON highlights mobile devices and software can help construction companies attract talent in today’s building and design market.

4. LSU’s bendable concrete could fix America’s crumbling infrastructure

Andrew Tarantola, Engadget

The future of construction materials is exciting. The post examines how a new concrete developed by LSU researchers could solve one of the industry’s and our world’s biggest challenges–infrastructure.

5. Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) – An Action Guide for Leaders

International Project Management Association (IPMA)

Integrated project delivery is gaining popularity in the building sector for its ability to increase collaboration and productivity on a project. This helpful action guide helps leaders implement and maximize their use of the delivery method.

6. How analytics can drive smarter engineering and construction decisions

Garo Hovnanian, Kevin Kroll, and Erik Sjödin, McKinsey & Company

Data-driven decisions are becoming more essential in the construction industry. In this latest insight article from McKinsey & Company, the authors highlight how predictive analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions will change the future of building and design.

7. State of the Industry: The Year of Great Transition

Elizabeth Manning, Construction Business Owner

While the first article in our list explores specific trends in 2019, this article from Construction Business Owner takes a look at how key aspects of the industry will change and evolve over the next 12 months.

8. 9 Transportation Infrastructure Projects Aim to Elevate Travel Around the Globe

Rosa Trieu, Redshift

Earlier this month, we recapped 10 of the top infrastructure projects under construction that will change our world. Similarly, this Redshift blog highlights 9 incredible transportation projects from around the world.

9. Why the Construction Industry Needs to Stop Seeing Software as a Cost

Dustin DeVan, Medium

For the majority of construction firms, technology is seen as a massive investment that needs to be carefully considered before purchasing. Read to learn why construction companies should be less concerned about the cost of software and instead, prioritize its value.

10. Taking technology into the field

Lee Toop, Heavy Equipment Guide

What exactly is the impact of field technology on a project? The article explains how a large civil engineering firm, R&K, benefits from using field technology on its infrastructure projects.

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