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Best Construction News from December 2018

10 Can’t-Miss Construction News and Articles from December 2018

How well versed are you on your 2018 construction trivia? Let’s try a few questions:

  • What are some of the names of some of the tallest buildings of the year?
  • What are some of the emerging construction materials innovating the industry?
  • Which country built the most skyscrapers in 2018?

If you haven’t kept up with the latest construction news and buzz, we’ve got your back (and answers to the above trivia). To round out the year, we’ve wrapped up 10 of our favorite construction news and articles of the month–enjoyed best with a cup of hot chocolate, of course.

1. 74% of Contractors Expect Technology to Improve Construction Productivity

USG Corporation,

While we know technology is being adopted on jobsites at a rapid rate, how high are the expectations? This brief breaks down the Q4 2018 USG Corporation + U.S. Chamber of Commerce Commercial Construction Index to reveal a few surprising insights into the optimism about innovations in the industry.

2. Construction company rolls out first inclusive ‘at work’ signs

Dean Balsamini, New York Post

A simple but powerful initiative is helping to make jobsites more inclusive for both males and females in Manhatten. Learn more about the rollout of the “Men and Women at Work” sign at a New York-based construction company.

3. 18 New Building Materials That Will Revolutionize Construction

Lior Zitzman, Big Rentz

Spider silk, light-generating concrete, wool brick and invisible solar cells are just four of the 18 building materials highlighted in this Big Rentz article. Check out the article, complete with an engaging infographic great for sharing.

4. 3 Areas of Construction Tech Launching the Industry Forward

Construction Business Owner, Pete Schermerhorn

Deciding where to begin a technology rollout or where to optimize can be overwhelming. This construction news article from December highlights three areas of construction that are being innovated with the greatest impact.

5. Skyscraper Construction: Nobody Comes Close To China In 2018 [Infographic]

Niall McCarthy, Forbes

China has been owning the skyscraper game of 2018 and Forbes features an infographic to show it. Learn how China, and other prominent global nations, stack up.

6. Why Autodesk Just Spent $1.15 Billion On Two Construction Tech Startups

Alex Konrad, Forbes

Autodesk has a clear vision for the future of construction and technology. Read more about how the company is combining forces with other innovative firms to solve major challenges in the entire industry.

7. Dezeen’s top 10 skyscrapers of 2018


We love a good top list and Dezeen’s recent article showcases 10 of the most impressive skyscrapers of 2018.

8. The 7 most striking construction technology innovations of 2018

Kathleen Brown, Construction Dive

Construction innovation had another monumental year. Construction Dive collates seven game-changing and cutting-edge technologies of the year.

9. How BIM is transforming the way we build future roads

Dr Marzia Bolpagni, Infrastructure Intelligence

BIM is making a major impact on the productivity of the built world. The post dives into how BIM is revolutionizing major transportation systems.

10. 4 Practical Steps to Evolve Your Construction Quality Control Plan

John Mehlman, Connect & Construct

Setting up a construction quality control plan is essential. The blog walks through a step-by-step plan to get teams up and running with a quality control plan in no time.

Read the Best Construction News from the Year 

2019 is just around the corner. If you’re looking to recap the last few months of construction news to round out your year, check out our top picks from the last few months.

Read something you think should be on our list this year? Share in the comments below! We’d love to share with our readers.

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