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Embracing Mad Scientists in Construction: How to Build a Culture of Innovation [webinar]  

Technology is only powerful when it is used effectively, especially in the construction industry. Perhaps, your manager keeps insisting that you incorporate the latest technology into construction projects. Or maybe your firm invested in a robust software suite but not the training your team needs to be able to get the high-tech system up and running. What’s next?

Historically, construction companies and technology haven’t gone hand in hand. However, this is changing as companies are slowly building a culture of innovation in construction. But a key part of driving this new culture is finding the agents of change; the mad scientists of construction.

In the Construction Cloud’s upcoming webinar, “Fostering Mad Scientists: How Construction can Create a Culture of Innovation,” a panel of construction experts discuss how companies can cultivate leaders to innovate and bring the right technology on board. Watch the recording today!

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Matching Tech Innovation With Real World Application

According to the VP of Product Marketing at PlanGrid, Stuart Frederich-Smith, construction companies are investing in technology but lacking the adoption of the tech on the construction site.

For instance, companies may provide construction workers with smartphones and software to improve jobsite collaboration. Yet, workers might still revert back to using paper and other outdated practices for communication because the value of technology has not been properly communicated. Even if your company invests in technology to help make your employees more efficient, it’s not enough.

Frederich-Smith explained, “This proves a significant disconnect between the purchase of construction technology and the adoption of this technology in the field, and reveals the need for end users to be included in the decision-making process. Teams that have easy-to-use tools to collaborate in real-time, a central source of truth and access to relevant data when they need it will have a greater competitive advantage.”

Training along with one-on-one assistance is paramount to helping construction companies adopt new technologies. However, even with the best training, some teams will continue to fight against the use of tech in construction. Part of this has to do with a lack of understanding of how technology will help employees do their job better, faster and easier.

This bounces back to the benefits of onboarding the right technology in the construction industry. By first identifying areas of weakness or specific problems or processes that could be improved, and then finding the right solution to fill the gaps, technology use can be maximized from the start. Along with getting your money’s worth in technology investments, your team will have improved access to construction project information and data.

Creating a Culture of Innovation in Construction

Finding the right resources and people who can fill in the missing information for tech applications in construction is complicated. Everyone has something to sell and not all tech works for every construction project or company. Trying to filter through the noise to find the right technology for your team requires some guidance.

This is where your mad scientists come in. Mad scientists are those disruptors in the culture of innovation in construction. They are the people who are ready to adopt new technologies to solve problems in untraditional ways. The goal isn’t just to use technology because it is available.

The goal is to use tech to make construction projects and teams more efficient in any manner. Whether you are trying to reduce construction material waste or become a green construction company, tech can help. And this starts with finding those individuals–mad scientists–who can help your construction company source the most applicable technologies. This also means creating the right mechanisms to allow mad scientists to flourish within an organization. When they are encouraged to share innovative ideas and be heard, construction companies are more likely to benefit.

Finding Your Mad Scientists

In the latest webinar from the Construction Cloud, learn how today’s construction companies can successfully innovate to solve business challenges in a way that will result in the adoption of new tech and processes.

At the same time, you will learn how to create that culture of innovation in construction in your workplace. This is how you will continue to thrive as a tech-forward company and stay ahead of the competition.

By the end of this webinar, you will also know how to translate this tech innovation into a valuable asset among your employees. Start attracting talented employees who are bubbling mad scientists ready to help your firm flourish with technology.

Watch the Webinar Today

Watch the latest PlanGrid webinar titled “Fostering Mad Scientists: How Construction can Create a Culture of Innovation” today. The Construction Cloud’s webinar touches on the following topics:

  • The practical application of technology and experimentation can awaken today’s generation of mad scientists
  • The modern tools and processes used to evaluate and test the technology on projects
  • The tactics and programs to encourage a culture of innovation within your company
  • The views of leading construction companies on technological innovation and its real value

This webinar is lead by three construction experts:

  • James Benham, CEO, JBKnowledge
  • Ricardo Khan, Sr. Director of Innovation, Mortenson Construction
  • Mike Benz, Vice President Information Technology, Kraus-Anderson

construction cloud webinar

Start fostering the mad scientists in your organization to bring real innovation and change. Watch the webinar today!

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