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10 November Construction Articles Worth Reading

This month, we’re thankful for the abundance of riveting construction news and articles that help us keep pursuing excellence in the industry. Feel like you were too busy feasting and spending time with friends and family to catch up on the latest buzz from the building industry this month? Don’t sweat it–we’ve got your back. Below, check out our list of ten of the best construction articles, blogs and news from November 2018.

10 Must-Read Construction Articles from November 2018

1. Bay Area startups see big opportunity in construction technology

Todd Johnson, San Francisco Business Journal

Construction technology startups are innovating the building sector and investors are taking notice. Read more about the rising stars in contech coming from the Bay Area.

2. Grappling with an acute labor shortage, the construction industry is being forced to get creative

Kate Rogers, CNBC

The labor shortage has been an ongoing issue impacting nearly all construction companies. Learn about a few of the innovative recruiting strategies forward-thinking companies are taking to attract more skilled labor onto their jobsites.

3. Miami stadium could rise from ruins under restoration plan

Ellis Rua, AP News

The Miami Marine Stadium could soon see life soon again thanks to its latest restoration plans. Read more about this historic preservation.

4. The 7 KPIs of construction, and how technology can measure them

Laurie Cowin, ConstructionDive

We’ve previously discussed essential KPIs in the construction industry on our blog. Check out this recent article from ConstructionDive on how tech can measure seven fundamental KPIs in construction.

5. The Ultimate Construction Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Shane Hedmund, Construction Junkie

Not shopped out from Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales? Check out this gift guide for construction professionals brought to you by Construction Junkie.

6. Infrastructure, It’s Time for a Bipartisan Deal

Steve Hanke, Forbes

Improving infrastructure is one issue all political parties can get behind. In this opinion piece, professor of applied economics at the Johns Hopkins University and senior fellow at the Cato Institute, Steve Hanke, provides his thoughts on how politicians across party lines can band together on an infrastructure program.

7. Five of New York City’s Most Interesting Construction Projects

Rebecca Baird-Remba, Commercial Observer

In practically every square foot of New York City, there’s a new and exciting construction project. Commercial Observer provides its list of five of the most interesting projects emerging in the concrete jungle.

8. Living Building project caps Gulf State Park sustainable makeover

Ken Edelstein, Living Building Chronicle

Sustainable construction is being taken to the next level with the Living Building Challenge certification. Learn about how new regenerative projects are sweeping the Deep South.

9. How Amazon’s HQ2 decision could impact transit

Chris Teale, Smart Cities Dive

While our predictions for the most construction friendly cities for Amazon HQ2 didn’t win, we’re excited to see how infrastructure will change in Crystal City, VA and Long Island, NY. Learn more about how transit, in particular, will evolve in these two cities.

10. How to Speed Up Training

Municipal Sewer & Water

Training is an essential ingredient to successful construction technology adoption. The blog from Municipal Sewer & Water provides helpful tips on how to make training more personalized and effective.

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