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Introducing PlanGrid Tasks: A New Way to Track Work Across the Construction Lifecycle

At home, our daily and weekly “to-dos” are relatively simple to grasp and manage. Whether we write them on paper or store them in our minds, we’re generally clear on who is responsible for what. On the other hand, task management in construction can get incredibly complex. Instead of coordinating the daily schedule of one person or family, it’s more like getting the whole neighborhood to work together on one large, disjointed list. Huge teams and separate companies are responsible for a wide range of responsibilities–and each action has a consequential impact on a separate trade or project phase. Without clear processes and tools to track task management in construction, people make mistakes that impact schedules–and create whole new “to-do” lists.  

At PlanGrid, we understand the pain of tracking work throughout construction. With insight into the specific challenges, we explored solutions for how our product could organize and prioritize tasks from the start of a project. We learned that to set teams up for success, it’s beneficial to plan tasks ahead of time and assign them to appropriate stakeholders who need to be involved at each step. To effectively manage project-wide tasks in construction, we needed to create a solution that allows teams to:

  • Deliver quality work on time
  • Track the critical stages of work
  • Bring visibility to the entire project team
  • Prevent mistakes and schedule delays
  • Manage proactive and reactive work

Today, PlanGrid’s Issues product helps teams resolve punch list items, QA/QC items and safety observations which are typically tied to a location on a sheet–but we believe that the potential is much greater. Today, we’re thrilled to announce an expansion of our Issues product into PlanGrid Tasks. You can do everything you use Issues for today, but Tasks will also allow you to track work that isn’t attached to a sheet. Now, builders have a full range of digital tools at their disposal to manage construction tasks–from project start-up to closeout.  

PlanGrid Tasks: Keep Projects Moving Forward

All work that needs to be completed, whether it’s planned work or a response to an issue, can be created and assigned in PlanGrid. Created from a sheet or the Tasks Log, a Task can include a title, description, category, location, due date and any possible schedule or cost impact. Right from their mobile device or computer, the field team can view their list of tasks and know exactly what work needs to be done–and when.

Deliver Quality Work on Time

Tasks can contain a wealth of information about the work that needs to be done, without requiring a lot of time to fill out. By attaching photos to a task and annotating them, a team member can document exactly what work needs to be done and where.

Tasks move through a series of statuses as they progress, which helps members of the project team understand what work is done and avoid mistakes and delays.

Bring Visibility to the Entire Project Team

With the ability to assign Tasks to multiple individuals or groups, project teams can easily connect the dots between planning in the office with execution in the field.

Tasks can be viewed on sheets to identify specific locations where issues, QA/QC items and punch list items are occurring, and all Tasks, including planned work, can be seen in the central Tasks Log.

see all tasks in plangrid

PlanGrid Tasks: Get to Zero Punch List Faster

Punch lists are vital to project closeout–but are often left to the last minute. With the right punch list management, teams can achieve a zero punch list and a clean project handoff.

To resolve punch list items, it’s important that the field team understands their responsibilities so they can be kept accountable and get work done on time. From the field, PlanGrid Tasks helps teams manage punch lists items right from their mobile device. Identify punch list items, assign Tasks and track the progress of each item all the way from inspection to completion.

Identify Cost or Schedule Impacts

A goal of every project is to stay within budget in addition to reducing the risk of surprise change orders and possible delays. If something built does not comply with contract specifications, PlanGrid Tasks makes it simple to note whether the punch list item or issue will have schedule or cost impacts, down to the dollar amount and number of days. By allowing stakeholders easy and detailed access to this information, project visibility increases on the whole.

plangrid tasks cost impact

Generate Rich Reports

Instantly share reports with the owner, general contractor, subcontractor or design team to breeze through inspection and closeout. PlanGrid reports include selected tasks and includes dates, times, locations and related photos. It’s a digital audit trail of what work needs to be done and what work has been closed out.

See PlanGrid Tasks in Action Today

Are you using PlanGrid on your projects? Starting today, iOS, web and Windows platforms will have full access to Tasks. Android will be available later this week.

If you’re looking to learn more, we also hosted a webinar to help PlanGrid users get the most out of Tasks. 

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If you have yet to implement PlanGrid in your company or are looking to learn more about Tasks, contact us to learn how the construction software can improve your project productivity and workflows today:

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Chelsey Tanaka

Chelsey is a Product Manager at PlanGrid on the Smart Recordset team, which focuses on ingesting construction data and making that data as easy to access and use as possible. She is passionate about solving customer problems and loves PlanGrid users, who constantly provide feedback to make the product better. Chelsey's background is in product management for enterprise companies and she enjoys working in industries where there's a large potential to improve people's day-to-day lives.

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