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Top construction blogs and articles october 2018

Here Are 10 Construction Blogs and Articles You Need to Read from October

While it’s the spookiest time of year around the world, October was a buzzworthy month for construction blogs and news. Feel like you’ve missed your chance to catch up on the news from October? Don’t fret–we’ve collated ten of our favorite construction blogs and articles to read from the month. So take a moment, hopefully with a pumpkin-flavored-something in hand, and read through our picks for the best building news from October 2018.

10 Must-Read Construction Blogs and Articles from October 2018

1. Getting Ready for Robotics in Property Development and Building

Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

We’ve previously discussed the opportunities for robotics in construction. In this future-minded blog, BCG explores how construction companies can incorporate automation and robotics into their strategic planning.

2. 6 ways emerging tech is addressing the construction industry’s labor shortage


The labor shortage is a fiercely discussed topic within the building sector, but little guidelines are provided on how actually to overcome the challenges. The BuiltWorlds post showcases how companies can adopt six emerging technologies and trends to help to mitigate the workforce shortage.

3. One size doesn’t fit all: Student housing is not a pair of socks

David Malone, Building Design & Construction  (BDC)

As universities take in more students, investments in student housing are a significant segment of their spend. The BDC article draws lessons from three unique student housing projects to help building and design teams to address the needs of these facilities better.

4. Respect for People and Emotional Intelligence – The Missing Pillar of Lean

Brent Darnell, Lean Construction Blog

As an industry thought leader in lean construction, Brent Darnell views the concept with a people-centric lens. In his latest post for the Lean Construction Blog, Brent explores how EQ plays a role in making Lean construction a success.

5. These New Photos of the World’s First 3D-Printed Steel Bridge Are Stunning

Tom McKay, Gizmodo

We love to see how a finished project turned out – especially if it was constructed with a unique method or material. While it’s not a large-scale project, the Gizmodo blog showcases recent photos of a 3D-printed bridge. As construction professionals, this leaves room in our imaginations for the potential of this technology in large and commercial projects.

6. Dotted Line: 4 answers to common collaboration hiccups

Kim Slowey, Construction Dive

Construction Dive’s Dotted Line series takes a look at the complicated legal environment of the construction industry. In their latest from the series, they look at how to solve frequent coordination problems on projects.

7. How Is Technology Reshaping The Construction Industry?

Jake Holyoak, Business Computing World (BCW)

The way construction is carried out has changed so much thanks to the influx of mobile technology. In this BCW article, the article specifically explores how technology like drones and virtual reality are evolving the sector.

8. Why construction firms are prioritising mental health

Sarah Dickens, BBC News

Earlier this month, we highlighted mental health in the construction workforce on our blog. BBC News also reported on the issue, highlighting some of the recent shifts on stigmas within construction companies in the U.K.

9. 5 Important Tips for Staying Safe While Working in Trenches

Shane Hedmond, Construction Junkie

We can never get enough safety advice. Based on a recent OSHA initiative, Construction Junkie outlines five of the most important safety tips while working in trenches.

10. Construction Employment Rises from September 2017 to September 2018 in 45 States and D.C.

Electrical Construction & Maintenance

Construction is on the rise in the U.S. Want to see the latest numbers? Check out the newest report from EC&M.

Want to Read More?

Feeling like you haven’t had your fill of construction blogs and articles from this month? Read our favorites from September.

Alternatively, if you’ve read something that should have made this month’s list, share with us in the comments section below.

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