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Building Trends that are Shaping the Way We Think

The New Zealand construction industry is growing at a rapid rate: we need to keep an eye on our environment, on people, and leverage the power of technology to keep up with the pace.

Most of us in the construction industry know that the government’s Thirty-Year New Zealand Infrastructure Plan 2015 allocates NZD 157.3 billion (US 110.0 billion) to infrastructure construction.

In order to keep up with this rapid pace, we need to re-think the way we are building – for today and tomorrow.

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Thinking about the environment

It’s no surprise to read what Andrew Eagles, CEO of the New Zealand Green Building Council, says, “New Zealand homes and buildings are changing. Quickly.” But so are our attitudes towards design and sustainability. Construction not only affects our built environment, but it also has a direct impact on our natural environment.

As one example,  there’s an increasing trend towards projects getting green certifications. More and more building types are doing it – from hotels to retail, and industrial facilities to homes.

Thinking about the future

The technology with the biggest potential to fundamentally change the building industry lies in cloud-based mobile technology and virtual-collaboration tools like PlanGrid. While the future of construction can never isolate people from bricks and mortar, it has to be possible to bring everyone together more closely – whether that is by creating shared spaces or working collaboratively using design and back-office systems. The future of construction will be eliminating paper from the jobsite by creating digital shared workspaces via construction apps in the palm of your hand.

The great news is that the future is here now! Virtual collaboration technology made for the building industry exists today, and it is already making construction easier, smarter, and faster.

The future of New Zealand needs innovation in construction

New Zealand is a great country with a huge heart and its finger on the pulse of construction change. Nevertheless, in order to keep up with the demand for housing and infrastructure to support population growth, everyone in the construction industry needs to keep up to date with the latest technology, so we can build homes and major projects for today and long into tomorrow.

Adele Bernard

Adele Bernard (@Aadelebe) is APAC Marketing Director at PlanGrid and has spent the last decade as an APAC Tech Road Warrior, presenting to leaders of enterprise organisations and organising corporate events around the region.

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