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4 Reasons Why the Singapore Construction Projects Needs to Ditch Paper

Now more than ever it’s time for construction companies in Singapore to transition to digital solutions. Despite the last few years’ dependence on public-sector projects – and the lower-than-expected construction demand – there is still plenty of growth within in the industry. According to Steven Choo, Urban Planning Expert for National University of Singapore, – “On the whole, there is more than enough to build for the next 15 years – this little island never stops improving.”

With plans spreading over the next decade and a half, here are a few reasons why now is the time for construction companies in Singpaore to go digital.

1. Saving time just makes financial sense

Before software tools were built specifically for the construction industry, there was no way of collaborating with every member of a large Singaporean Public Sector projects. Meaning, workers couldn’t share, collaborate, amend and implement design changes without having to go back to their offices and re-print plans every time something changed.

Today, with software like PlanGrid, it’s possible for construction companies in Singapore to collaborate like never before. By using these advanced mobile tools, teams can update everything from punch lists to drawing sets, to field reports – digitally and on the go. In fact, PlanGrid’ customers reported that they saved an average of 6.6 hours per week per user That’s a lot of time that results in less stress, a healthier bottom line and a healthier workforce for the Singaporean construction industry.

2. International firms are now demanding advanced technology on site

Great technology has a way of sharing itself. In the case of PlanGrid’s global growth, it has been a result of ‘viral’ use and word of mouth. People who use the product in one geographical area find that when they move to another project in, say, a different country, they have become so used to using technology that is helpful, easy to use and user-friendly that they struggle to work without it. So they start using it – and get their teams to start using it and the cycle continues.

In fact, firms who work internationally are now demanding the use of advanced technology like construction productivity software as a standard on site.

3. Digital tools are providing significant profit returns

Historically, buying software for the construction industry was very expensive and complex to use. Previously, the cost of software was often tied to revenue so the software company would take a percentage of revenue or project value. Instead, with a SaaS-based model, construction companies are charged instead per user, per year. Companies don’t pay more as they grow unless they add more users. So, as businesses grow and get involved in bigger projects, this software won’t hold them to ransom – they get to keep more of their profits.

4. The right technology can be used by anyone who uses a drawing for their work

Finally, the last reason that the Singapore construction industry needs to ditch paper is construction productivity software can be used by every single person involved in a construction project – from architects to plumbers, project managers to all manner of subcontractors – even when they’re offline.

One of the great benefits of platforms like PlanGrid is because of the usability and field adoption, it’s easy to pick up your mobile device and use it on the spot. Even if you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection, all your documents, searches and drawings can be accessed offline! You can have your entire project at your fingertips at any time: everything from a 360-degree photo to a pdf file, from a manual to complex wiring diagrams.

These are just a few of the many reasons we think that the Singapore construction industry needs to ditch paper –  but there are many more. So if you would like to know more about how PlanGrid is changing the construction industry forever, contact us today on or visit our website.

Adele Bernard

Adele Bernard (@Aadelebe) is APAC Marketing Director at PlanGrid and has spent the last decade as an APAC Tech Road Warrior, presenting to leaders of enterprise organisations and organising corporate events around the region.

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