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How Subcontractors Can Get the Most Out of Construction Software [Webinar]

On average, subcontractors perform around 80% of work on a project. However, despite being the boots on the ground executing, subs don’t usually get paid until their prime contractor does. As a result, many specialty contractors feel the pressure to finish projects not only efficiently but with a high level of quality so they profit in full for the work they complete. Nonetheless, without consistent visibility and communication into the full workings of the project, including the work of other trades, it remains a major challenge for subcontractors to deliver a high-quality project on time.

Thus, to deliver projects more productively, subcontracting firms are increasingly turning to mobile technology and software. By using technology to document work, provide transparency and access information from anywhere, subcontractors not only empower their teams to be more productive but mitigate risk and deliver more consistent project outcomes‚Äďon their own terms.

In our webinar, ‚ÄúOwn Your Trade: What Subcontractors Need from Construction Technology,‚ÄĚ we hosted a panel of trades including electrical, mechanical and more. In our discussion, we dive into on how the professionals started using field technology and the specific benefits they have experienced for their teams.

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In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How technology is deployed on projects and in the field
  • Specific use cases and examples of how time is saved
  • The benefits of standardizing your technology use across projects

Speakers on the webinar come from a variety of trades and roles and include:

  • Zachary Poole, Vice President & General Counsel, JR Hobbs
  • Rachel Kines, Vice President of Procurement, Eckardt Electric
  • Austin Gary, Assistant PM, TAS Commercial Concrete

To be able to deliver projects on their own terms, subcontractors need the right construction software to help them see the bigger project picture. Watch our webinar today to learn more about effective digital strategies specialty contractors can take to truly own their trade and collect on their hard work faster.


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