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10 Must-Read Construction Articles from September  

It’s been a newsworthy month for construction articles in September. Have you kept up with the latest construction articles and news from the month? If not, not fret. We’ve curated 10 of our favorite blogs and articles from September that covered insights and thought-provoking conversations on trends and news within the industry.

From new research on how poor communication impacts the construction industry to awe-inspiring time-lapse videos and historical photos, this month’s news covers the past, present and future of construction.

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Top 10 Construction Articles from September

1. How to center tech investments around ROI, ease of use

Construction Dive, Laurie Cowin

With the abundance of technology options for construction companies, what are the most important criteria for investment? Read the article to learn how ROI and ease of use plays a major role.

2. Construction Industry is Paying the Price for Poor Communication

ENR, Alisa Zevin

Poor communication has been plaguing the construction industry–but what’s the true cost? Take a look at this ENR article to learn the significant toll poor data and communication takes on construction.

3. Hurricanes Reveal Just How Resilient an Area Is, or Isn’t

Bloomberg, Nathaniel Bullard and Miho Kurosaki

In the aftermath of Hurricane Florence, this article explores how new weather patterns are testing infrastructure and economies like never before.

4. $75,000 a year with benefits; no college needed. Yet local employers can’t fill jobs

Miami Herald, Dylan Jackson

Access to talent is still a major issue in the construction industry. The Miami Herald article highlights how the workforce shortage is impacting one of the hottest construction markets in the U.S.

5. {Timelapse] 8 Years of Construction on the 3 World Trade Center

Construction Junkie, Shane Hedmond

Watch this amazing EarthCam footage of the rebuilding of the 3 World Trade Center, over eight years and 17 years after the attack.

6. Depression-era discovery: Shasta Dam construction photos unearthed

San Francisco Chronicle, Bill Van Niekerken

If you enjoy historical photos and stories of construction, check out this recent article showcasing Depression-era construction photos of the Shasta Dam.

7. How AI Can Become a Design Adviser

Aarni Heiskanen, AEC Business

You’ve probably heard a good deal of buzz about how AI is transforming construction processes. Learn how artificial intelligence is now being used to provide recommendations in design.

8. A new report tracks industry preferences for building documentation tools

John Caulfield, Building Design & Construction

Coverage from Building Design & Construction reports some of the largest growing trends in documentation in construction including the increased use of 360° cameras.

9. Decoding Construction: fractal by nature?

Lean Station, Medium

The thoughtful blog explores the fundamental nature and factors of construction to learn how to use patterns and new workflows to affect real change.

10. What’s The Best Way To Dig A Hole? Maybe Talk About Whether You Need To Dig A Hole In The First Place

Mike Phillips, Bisnow

In lead up to Bisnow’s Building for the Future event next month, this article takes a look at the some of the hottest topics and conversations happening today in the construction industry.

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