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10 Must-Read Construction Articles from August

Are you all caught up on the latest construction news from the month? If not, we’ve compiled a list industry news, blogs and articles that caught our attention this month

From discussions on emerging opportunities in BIM to news on safety and women in construction, these posts are our top picks for design and construction news from August 2018. You can also check out our top posts from the previous month, here.  

Top 10 Construction Articles from August 2018

1. Industry could be overspending $177B per year, study finds

Construction Dive, Kathleen Brown

The construction industry is wasting massive amounts of money on rework and inefficiencies. The article by Construction Dive specifies just how significant the issue is based on a new FMI study.

2. Capital projects: Creating digital-first organizations

McKinsey & Company,  Steffen Fuchs, Kevin Kroll, and James Nowicke

Construction thought leader, McKinsey & Company, reports how organizational structure and talent strategy directly can impact a project’s digitalization.

3. SeeHerWork Engineers Women’s Gear From the Ground Up

ENR, Eydie Cubarrubia

Getting workers to always comply with the right personal protective equipment (PPE) in construction can be challenging. Getting the right fit can be even more of a hurdle. Read how one company, SeeHerWork, provides the right gear to keep female workers safe on the job.

4. BIM and digital transformation: Opening the door to innovation

Joe Hunt, PCB Today

Drawing from experiences in the construction market in Ireland, the author describes how innovation like building information modeling (BIM) is allowing small and medium-sized (SME) companies to complete and find success on a larger scale.

5. An Integrated Approach to Modular Building

Construction Today Magazine, Lisa Dal Gallo

Construction companies are starting to see both the benefits of integrated project delivery (IPD) and prefab separately. The article from Construction Today Magazine shows how IPD and modular construction can be used in tandem to build productively.

6. An increasing number of women are finding high-paying jobs in an unexpected place—building casinos  

CNBC, Harriet Taylor and Contessa Brewer

Women only make around 10% of the construction workforce in the US. Nonetheless, the CNBC article highlights how many women are finding a fantastic job opportunities building for casinos.

7. Revamped electrical contractor training prioritizes technology

Construction Dive, Laurie Cowen

Read to learn how the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) has revamped its apprentice training program to meet modern technological standards and needs within the construction industry.

8. 7 Short Videos To Help Train Your Construction Crews on Silica Dust Hazards

Construction Junkie, Shane Hedmond

All construction teams need regular safety checks and reminders. Construction Junkie has compiled seven useful videos in reference to handling respirable crystalline silica dust.

9. Digitizing The Construction Industry Requires A View From The Field

Forbes, Justin Morgenthau

Many in the construction industry have the same question. How do we bring on a technology faster? Read to learn how this technology revolution can be directly tied to work in the field.

10. The Philippines Is Building a Climate Change-Resilient City

Environmental Leader, Alyssa Danigelis

As our world’s infrastructure and cities become more at risk for the effects of climate change, learn how the Philippines is constructing a city that’s resilient in the face of natural disasters.

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