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Construction Software Standardization: Increase Efficiency and Improve Your Bottom Line [Webinar]

After your team is trained and using construction software on their projects, you can begin to see the positive effects on your bottom line. Nevertheless, there comes the point where your teams want to take their usage to that next level, especially as the business grows and you take on more projects. But how do you best scale your business while meeting the increasing demands of more projects?

Construction software standardization is an approach to see more benefits from the technology your teams are already using. Not only does standardization help increase consistency over the course of a project, by getting everyone using software the same way, but it also minimizes mistakes and increases the chances of finishing your project on time and under budget.

In our latest webinar, “PlanGrid Standardization: Increase Efficiency, Minimize Confusion, and Improve Your Bottom Line,” we’ll show you how to standardize your team’s use of PlanGrid to take the tool to the next level. Watch our webinar to learn about standardizing your use of construction software like PlanGrid to make your projects run more smoothly and efficiently to increase your ROI even further.

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Getting Started with Construction Software Standardization

In our webinar, we’ll first discuss the basics of standardization in construction from what it means exactly to how it directly impacts project success. Benefits of standardization include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Increased collaboration
  • Enhanced project data
  • Reduced project risk
  • Higher safety standards
  • Lower IT costs

For PlanGrid specifically, we’ll discuss how to get your entire project or organization on the same page by setting standards for:

  • Project setup and document control
  • Users and permission levels
  • Workflows for major tools
  • Team communication

Raise Your Standards and Watch Today

Are you ready to take your usage of construction technology to the next level? Construction software standardization is key to getting the most ROI from technology, improving your bottom line. Get started with standardization and watch the webinar today.

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Dean Leichtle

Dean Leichtle is the lead consultant and trainer in the Midwestern United States and all of Canada for the PlanGrid Professional Services team. He works with companies to make sure their users are trained and the company knows all of the best practices, recommended workflows, and options for standardization when implementing PlanGrid.

Dean’s background is in large-scale enterprise software implementation, training, and workflow consultation. He is based out of Madison, WI.