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top construction articles of July 2018

10 Construction Articles from July You Have to Read

July 2018 was a newsworthy month for construction. Just catching up on construction news now from this month? Below, here are our picks for our favorite construction articles from July.

From articles about iconic buildings in the US to project delivery and news about the labor shortage to BIM, these posts are our top picks of design and construction news from July 2018.

Top 10 Construction Articles from July 2018

1. 2018 Mid-year Economic Outlook: A Time of Growth and Intrigue

Construction Executive, Anirban Basu

While construction momentum appears to remain strong, what could hinder growth in the sector’s near future? Keep a pulse on the growth and potential obstacles to construction by reading this informational mid-year update.

2. The U.S. labor shortage is reaching a critical point

CNBC, Jeff Cox

Construction professionals are fully aware of the toll the labor shortage takes on their business. But what other factors of the labor shortage should employers be mindful of? The CNBC article dives into the impact of rising wages and inflation on companies and projects.  

3. Why school architects must understand how students learn

Building Design + Construction, Mark Schoeman, Principal, AIA

A building’s design intent can powerfully impact the end user. The article explores the connection designers and builders have in making an impact on the end user of educational facilities.

4. Survey: 39% of asphalt pavement produced with energy-saving warm mix–nearly 79M tons of recycled materials used

Equipment World, Joy Powell

What’s trending in the world of construction materials? The post highlights results from a recent survey that demonstrates the sustainable benefits of asphalt pavement mixture.

5. Are These the Most Iconic Buildings in the US?, Kimberly Hegeman

In honor of our Independence month, take a look at the most iconic buildings in the US compiled by Curbed.

6. Report: Design-build to deliver almost half of US projects by 2021

Construction Dive, Kathleen Brown

Modern project delivery methods are making serious headway in the industry. Read more about a new report that showcases the rise of design-build in US construction.

7. 6 Ways Developers Can Build Smarter During Design And Construction

Bisnow, Travis Gonzales, Skender

As builders, we’re all looking for new and tried methods to construct more efficiently. The Bisnow article identifies six leading strategies for developers to improve their productivity during construction.

8. How Can Construction Employers Close the Talent Gap?  

The HardHat Professional

In contrast to the CNBC article mentioned above, this post from The HardHat Professional dives into ways for construction companies to retain and recruit more skilled talent.

9. Lean, Mean Construction Machine

The NEWS, Maria Taylor

We often hear about the impact of Lean Construction from a hypothetical point of view. Nonetheless, this article dives into just exactly how Lean construction has benefited one company, B&I Contractors.

10. Connected construction: Is BIM driving innovation?

Information Age, Andrew Ross

How can BIM in construction be utilized to drive real change? The post explores how and where BIM can make an impact for companies and projects.

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