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what to expect at PlanGrid Construction Summit

The PlanGrid Construction Summit Is Almost Here: Here’s What to Expect

When we started on our journey with PlanGrid nearly six years ago, we knew one thing: construction was in dire need of a transformation. As we dug further in, we began to understand what that truly encompassed. Beyond getting rid of paper, we’re fixing a broken system of inefficiencies and administrative burdens that have strained the industry for decades. Today, PlanGrid is making strides on improving productivity in construction with software– and we’re just getting started.

With our first annual PlanGrid Construction Summit on the horizon, we’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on where we’ve been as a company, and where we are heading. We’ve enlisted the best minds in both construction and tech to build and grow our product, but our customers’ willingness to embrace change and provide feedback has made our evolution even more of a success. It’s the impact we have with our customers that makes our company’s heart beat.

We’re looking forward to connecting with our customers and partners in the industry at the Construction Summit on June 10-11, and sharing our passion for advancing construction through technology. Whether you’re planning on attending the event or not, let’s take a look at the journey of PlanGrid over these past few years and a glimpse of what’s to come.

Where We’ve Been…

In our early years, our core product started with a simple concept; putting all your construction documents at your fingertips. While we’re now the largest digital blueprint repository in the world, PlanGrid’s product has grown to encompass so much more. We’ve built a global platform that anyone including owners, architects, contractors and subcontractors can easily learn and immediately begin using. Teams can not only view all their project documents in one place, but they are empowered to collaborate across jobsites and projects, and facilitate construction faster.

In the last year alone, we expanded the PlanGrid platform and released more than 40 products, including:

And, there’s so much more to come from PlanGrid. During the Construction Summit, we’ll be revealing more insight into what’s in store for the future of our product. Here’s a little taste of what you can expect.

…Where We’re Going

Crystal Clear Project Visibility

Working in construction can at times feel like you have tunnel vision. You might have a clear idea of what tasks you and your team need to accomplish–but have little to no insight beyond your narrow scope.

At PlanGrid, we’ve been breaking down construction’s tunnel vision to provide all project stakeholders with the right visibility and information exactly when they need it. Historically, simply finding project information has been a fragmented and frustrating process. Whether it’s working from outdated paper plans or experiencing data drop-off due to faulty programs like Excel, information gaps can lead to mistakes, rework and overruns.

Before PlanGrid, it was impossible to view project plans on an iPad. However, starting with our very first Beta app in 2011, our field-centric approach allowed teams to view and manage information where it has the broadest project impact.

At Summit, we’ll reveal how PlanGrid will take project visibility to the next level. Starting at the earliest project designs through turnover, our software will extend even further to put the right information in the right hands, at every project phase.

Exceptionally Connected Teams

It can seem nearly impossible for teams to work together cohesively: a key stakeholder merely forgotten on an email thread about a schedule change, or a specialty contractor failing to receive an updated set of paper blueprints work is completed. Without real-time communication, resources are wasted.

PlanGrid’s mobile-first platform updates in real-time, making it easy and lightning fast to coordinate with teams on construction’s most significant pain points such as issues, RFIs and submittals. For our customers, this means field teams are empowered to spend more time building productively.

During our conference, we’ll unveil the evolution of our collaboration software to further enhance our RFIs and submittals products. We’ll also showcase how PlanGrid will provide exciting new ways to manage and communicate changes directly from the field.

Powering Decision Making

With PlanGrid, teams have access to all project information on a platform that streamlines communications. Now, it’s time to put it all together…

The future of PlanGrid will lead to better decisions and outcomes across a company’s projects. We want teams to make better decisions by being able to easily use all the project information instantly available at their fingertips.

What’s on the Horizon for the PlanGrid Construction Summit

Our first annual PlanGrid Construction Summit will be an opportunity for all of us to share our excitement for construction and innovate together to move the industry forward. In addition to rich sessions and a lineup of expert speakers, the event is a chance for us as a company to also listen. If you want to share your thoughts on PlanGrid or other ways we can improve the building process, feel free to introduce yourself and start a conversation. I look forward to meeting you all and discussing our vision soon.

Ralph Gootee

Ralph Gootee is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PlanGrid, the leader in construction productivity software, where he oversees product strategy for the company from design to development to delivery.

Gootee founded PlanGrid with Tracy Young, Ryan Sutton-Gee, Antoine Hersen, and Kenny Stone in the fall of 2011. Prior to founding PlanGrid, Gootee was a systems rendering engineer at Pixar Animation Studios where he helped write tools for animators used in Cars 2, Toy Story 3, and Brave. Prior to Pixar, Gootee was a software engineer at Sony Ericsson working on their first Android phone.

Gootee holds a Master’s of Science degree in Applied Mathematics, Probability Theory & Stochastic Processes from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Traditional Mathematics, Abstract Algebra from Salisbury University.

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