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How to Improve Jobsite Safety with Construction Technology [Webinar]

Construction is inherently dangerous, and the statistics surrounding jobsite safety really speak for themselves. When we look at the number of workplace fatalities last year, over 20% of those fatalities were construction related. Safety is important; everyone wants to go home the same way the came to work. Empowered with the right technology, teams can start to build a safety culture centered around real-time collaboration.  

One of the biggest issues with construction safety compliance is the sheer amount of information, rules and regulations that must be adhered to. Not only is the OSHA manual a lot to digest, but on top of those requirements, many companies and jobsites have additional safety requirements that go above and beyond those OSHA standards. With so many different sets of rules it can often be hard to know all of the requirements at all times. As a result, this can put a strain on field personnel. And yet, even when teams adopt zero accident philosophies, or for example, require all workers on a jobsite be OSHA 30 certified, everyone still witnesses unsafe behaviors and practices from time to time (if not daily). And this often comes down to poor communication and confusion in what rules apply when. However, the right tech can help to fill in the gaps between safety training and real-life implementation. Everyone can have access to the right safety information, even if they find themselves working offline.

To learn more about how construction technology can improve jobsite safety, watch our webinar,¬†‚ÄúConstruction Jobsite Safety: Reinforcing Your Safety Culture with PlanGrid.‚ÄĚ While this webinar has ended, you can still view the recording on our website.¬†

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Building Jobsite Safety Through Software

The secret to creating safer jobsites is to ensure that there are no secrets where safety is concerned. And that really comes down to building an open and honest safety culture.  Everyone should always feel comfortable asking questions and escalating any concerns they might have about jobsite safety. With construction technology like PlanGrid, teams can start to collect this vital field information. From near miss data and lessons learned, field teams can communicate safety questions and issues back to the office.

With field collaboration software, safety incident reporting is also made easier, allowing for better self-reporting. With the implementation of smart field technologies like PlanGrid, excuses for noncompliance can be eliminated and field users can be empowered, knowing that they have all of the information and communication tools needed to execute their jobs safely.

Through collaborative tech, teams can work together to ensure that everyone goes home the same way they came to work. Don’t let your teams become another statistic. Watch our webinar today to learn how to build safer jobsites with the help of software.

Lorrin Blair

Lorrin is a Consultant on the Professional Services team, providing training to teams implementing PlanGrid. Prior to joining PlanGrid she spent years gaining first-hand experience on construction jobsites all over North America. Lorrin is OSHA 30 Certified, an Excavation Safety Competent Person and believes that all accidents are preventable.

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