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How Electrical Subcontractors Can Overcome Jobsite Challenges Using Technology [Ebook]

Stop Wasting Time and Money — Adopt Construction Technology

Productivity and collaboration challenges on the jobsite are nothing new for electrical subcontractors. These challenges impact project success or failure, including schedule slippage, safety incidents and budget overrun. If changes to the drawings aren’t communicated quickly, the impact may be severe.

While you may be aware the productivity in construction is a broad issue, firms engaged in fragmented specialized trades like mechanical and electrical, tend to be 20-40% less productive than those just in heavy construction.

As an all too common example of the communication and productivity gaps in the sector, consider an electrical subcontractor who has previously been directed to install conduits in a section of a project. Unknown to them, a drawing change was made by the architect. Unfortunately, the change wasn’t communicated quickly. It indicated a different scope of overhead work should have been installed before their electrical conduits went in. Based on the old drawings, they proceed with the installation—only to be told later to demo their work so the other trade can proceed. Scenarios like this trigger costly rework and schedule slippage (not to mention a lot of angry finger pointing) that eats into project budgets.

These problems can be avoided when your organization embraces construction productivity software. If a drawing changes, everyone on the project knows immediately and can adjust their workflow accordingly. Your teams will no longer do work that needs to be demoed later. As a result, schedules are more likely to be met, less materials are wasted and budgets are not negatively impacted.

Tired of wasting time and resources? In our latest ebook, “Why Implementing Construction Productivity Software is Critical for Electrical Subcontractors,” we’ll guide subs on how to embrace construction software tools to improve efficiency.

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What’s Inside

7 Challenges for Electrical Subcontractors and How Modern Tools Help

The need for electrical subcontractors to adopt modern digital technologies comes from many factors, including industry demand for alternatives to drive business, a desire to increase efficiency and a need to be nimble in the modern business environment. Technology can help subcontractors quickly and easily respond to these challenges.

Here are the 7 most important ways technology can help:

  1. Software for the field saves time
  2. Cloud based collaboration is easier
  3. Your whole team can work off the digital master set
  4. Project closeouts and seamless as-builts are more effective
  5. Software reduces costly errors and rework
  6. Adopting technology attracts new talent
  7. Growing organizations scale easily

On the Jobsite: A Case Study of Power Design Inc.

Power Design Inc. is one of the largest electrical subcontractors in the US. They achieved substantial cost savings on their Arbor Row, Block E project by adopting PlanGrid as their chosen mobile solution. The project was a 461-unit apartment building in Fairfax, VA. As a result of the success on this project, they ultimately standardized their entire company on PlanGrid. The case study explores their substantial cost savings that were generated, so take a closer look and download the ebook for more details.

Safety Incidents from Poor Information

By the very nature of the job, electrical subcontractors work in a high-risk field. Without full project visibility, accidents could likely occur. For instance, imagine one of your workers down in an open trench. They’re operating heavy machinery based on faulty information indicating that there are no utilities present. When that type of information is wrong, tragic accidents can happen. Unfortunately this scenario happened on a project where a city was reworking a formal naval base into a mixed-use development. Working from faulty information, the subcontractor was drilling in a trench and hit an energized electrical line. The worker suffered extensive injuries as a result.

With the tools built into PlanGrid, this type of situation could have been avoided altogether. The location of all utilities would have been clearly documented in the app and easily viewable on any mobile device.

It’s Time for Electrical Contractors to Get Productive

Start improving productivity on your electrical projects by rolling out the right software for the job. You can become more competitive and improve your overall ROI by investing in technology. Download our guide today, which will walk you through what factors you should consider when selecting construction productivity software from the perspective of an electrical subcontractor.

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