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The Business Case for Attending the PlanGrid Construction Summit

Develop an Expertise in Construction Tech and Increase Your ROI

Planning to attend the PlanGrid Construction Summit June 10-11, 2018 in San Francisco? If not, you could be missing out on a critical way to advance your career, company and projects.

The inaugural construction conference will cultivate the best learnings in technology, project management strategies, communications and more for construction. If you’re still on the fence about attending, we’ve highlighted several of the must-go reasons below.

Get More for Your Money: Increase Your ROI

Are you still relying on manual process and paper reports? You’re not alone but you may be behind. In fact, more than half of construction professionals manually prepare reports.

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At Summit, you’ll learn more about how to completely ditch paper, Excel and other outdated manual systems that are eating away at your efficiency and profits. Studies have shown that projects utilizing integrated planning tools achieved up to a 70% increase in productivity.

By attending the PlanGrid Construction Summit, you’ll brush up on the latest technology integrations and best practices to drive more data and insights from your current planning tools.

Level Up: Training and Insight in Construction Technology

It’s no secret that with the right technology, you can save time and money. But whether you’re just starting off with new tech or you’re already a pro, software like PlanGrid is continuously evolving to provide increasing value and benefits.

During the construction conference in San Francisco, we’ll dive deep into new PlanGrid features and provide real examples of how they can maximized to boost your entire project lifecycle. Furthermore, PlanGrid customers, like Granger Construction, will also showcase how they rolled out and standardized their own use of construction technology to save more than 6 hours per change order.

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Work Smarter: Discover the Benefits of Automation

Manual process and paper have been bogging down construction companies for the last century. However, modern builders are moving towards automation and adopting intuitive software that make sites more efficient and safe.

At Summit, you’ll see in-person demos of automation products like PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log. Learn how you can utilize software to reduce data entry time from weeks to minutes, saving on labor costs and increasing your ROI.

Become a Know-It-All: Develop Your Expertise

The construction industry is changing. Workers and companies who continue to develop their knowledge and expertise in technology solutions are the ones that will stay ahead on jobs and projects.

The PlanGrid Construction Summit is your chance to develop your construction technology proficiency. The event will be two days of engaging sessions on the latest trends and hot-button issues impacting construction.

We’ve carefully curated speakers from all walks of construction–from superintendents, project managers, IT leaders and more.

An exciting lineup is already shaping up for the PlanGrid Summit. Besides from tenured construction professionals, speakers and keynotes include 3X Super Bowl Champion, Steve Young, PlanGrid CEO and Co-Founder, Tracy Young and thought leaders from Stanford, FMI and McKinsey & Company.

Make New Friends: Expand Your Network

In addition to meeting and engaging with experts on and off the jobsite, the PlanGrid Construction Summit is your opportunity to connect with hundreds of construction professionals and peers.

Make the Case to Your Manager

Are you ready to attend PlanGrid Construction Summit but need that final level of approval? We have a ready-made email template you can send to your manager or finance team, complete with a budget breakdown.

Justify Your Trip

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Are you ready to “Build Better, Together?” The PlanGrid Construction Summit is almost here, and space is limited. If you haven’t registered yet, make sure you register soon!

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