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Grace Link, Project Manager, Link Construction Group

Behind the Build: Interview with Grace Link, Project Manager

Ever wonder what it takes to pursue a career in construction? While jobs in construction are not easy, to say the least, they can be incredibly fulfilling for an array of reasons. To better understand the motivations and emotions for those who have chosen a career in building, our regular blog series attempts to take a glance behind the jobsite walls.

On our third edition of ‚ÄúBehind the Build,‚ÄĚ we speak with Grace Link, Project Manager for the Link Construction Group. While Grace is relatively an industry newcomer, only working in construction for the last three years, she‚Äôs already gained a wealth of experience on several multi-million dollar projects. Below, she shares why she‚Äôs inspired to build a better future and how she saves time using technology on punchlists.

How did you get started in construction?

I’ve been working in construction for the last three years. I was always interested in how things went together, and I saw a great opportunity for women in construction.

What keeps you motivated to keep building today?

I want to help rebuild American infrastructure‚Äďone project at a time.

What do you love most about the industry?

I love construction‚Äôs ability to challenge you. No matter how experienced you are, there’s something new to experience on every project.

Which projects are you most proud of?

I’m proud of the little projects that I work on. It’s the little projects that seem to be the hardest sometime‚Äďbut it prepares you for those large projects that you aim to get and be successful at.

What’s the most frustrating part of your job in construction?

As a project manager, I’m frustrated by the lack of communication. There are lots of forms of communication, and it surprises me at some folks unwillingness to pick up a phone or send an email to simply discuss the project to make sure everyone is on the same page.

What do you want to share with the next generation of builders?

Ask as many questions as you can about how things are put together.

The people you ask love to talk about their work and don’t mind explaining things to you. You’d be amazed at how much knowledge you can gain from your field guys, supers and subcontractors.

How has technology changed the way you work in construction?

I find myself teaching others the abilities of technology and how we can apply it to the field of construction. It has made me into a much faster and accurate estimator, and it allows me to clearly express an idea to my team.

JIC-1 - Grace Link

When and how did you first start using PlanGrid?

A superintendent left me in charge of punchlist on a multi-million dollar project. He told me about an app that aids with the punchlist process.

I downloaded the app that morning and was proficient at it by the end of the day.

How do your projects benefit from PlanGrid?

PlanGrid saves me so much time and provides clarity for all parties involved. It tells the owner what items are left on the punchlist and keeps the general contractor and subs accountable for remaining items.

I love its capability to create punchlists that are easy to track, log, and keep all parties accountable.

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