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The Subcontractor’s Guide to Working Productively Across Projects [Ebook]

How to Keep All the Balls in the Air: The Subcontractor’s Guide to Working Productively Across Projects [Ebook]

Why Software Can Help Subs Reduce Rework and Maximize Profits

With the predicted estimated global population to grow to 9 billion by 2050 and two-thirds of those people living in urban areas, it’s no secret that the construction industry will experience a surge in demand in the years to come. However, current inefficiencies need to be addressed to improve performance, sustainability and fill our labor shortage. Otherwise, subcontractors will be hard pressed to keep up with the growing demand, while ensuring quality standards continue to be met.

Subcontractors often enter a delicate balancing act just to manage multiple project stakeholders and processes of their daily work. Maintaining the same level of service across projects and staying on schedule while juggling multiple projects, can be challenging, especially if subcontractors are relying on outdated and inefficient practices. Today’s average subcontractor is already faced with a wide range of challenges such as increased schedule pressures, managing cash flows from out of pocket investments and finding the right labor to complete the job. If subs wish to continue to be competitive and grow their business, they have no other options but to embrace innovations that allow them to scale.

Construction productivity software is one-way subcontractors can scale and improve workflow and increase their efficiency across the board. With the right software solution, subcontractors can increase performance, improve communications and better manage assets.

In our latest ebook, “The Subcontractor’s Guide to Working Productively Across Projects,” we’ll highlight just how subcontractors can work more productively by utilizing construction productivity software. The guide will help you address the productivity stagnation felt within the industry and get ready to take on future demands starting today.

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Is Productivity Software Really the Solution for Subcontractors?

Even today, many subcontractors still turn to printed sheets and documents to complete projects. However, by doing so, massive inefficiencies and communications problems occur on a constant basis. The latest specs and updates may not be communicated to foremen and other personnel in time resulting in expensive rework and delays. In fact, remedial work and material waste account for 35% of construction costs. Therefore, digitalization and standardization through technology can only improve internal processes and decrease rework, helping to significantly increase profit margins for subcontractors.

Software is evolving to better meet the needs of subcontractors, foremen and all involved in the execution of a specific project. Of course, there are ways to address subcontractor challenges. Mobile and cloud-based software are increasingly used in the office and out on the field. Supervisors and project managers can use such resources to make sure milestones are being met as originally planned. A cloud-based mobile system can make it easier to update and access documents, photos and notes. Subcontractors can then quickly find the latest version of documents and keep all work on track.

But how can you be sure that your team is adapting the right software? Software serves as a useful function in bridging communication gaps–but only with the right implementation and integration. During some projects, there is little consistency in the software being used and some programs can be counterintuitive, affecting usability. Nonetheless, with right field productivity software, subs can effectively address issues in real-time, allowing project managers and staff to focus on their strengths while easily accessing and updating information.

Selecting User-Friendly Software

To pick the right software, you need to understand the needs of the workforce. Select software that is easy to understand and is easy to use alongside current practices. It’s no secret that approachable, intuitive systems encourage a high adoption rate. Ensure that the software can be easily used and accessed by your whole team, as well as scaled to meet the demands of multiple projects and users, in order to maximize your ROI.

Our ebook will dive into the specifics of the software and features subcontractors should be adopting. In general, the guide will explain why subs should be looking for software that can:

  • Track changes in real time
  • Manage workforce and resources
  • Encourage user engagement
  • Reduce the need for rework

Software, like PlanGrid, has been shown to reduce expensive rework. This is a boon for the subcontractors, the GC and others involved in the outcome, and related material and labor expenses, of one or more affected projects. Such programs can be easy to use for those less familiar with evolving technology. According to one recent case study, software implementation can save a company $6.7 million annually.

Maximize Profits, Adopt Better Software

The construction industry, as a whole, needs to look at the potential profits being left on the proverbial table and decide whether or not they can afford to continue with current inefficient practices. Subcontractors who are successful at getting their team on board with the use of advanced software can improve the capabilities and performance of their workforce.

To better juggle the increasing demands of projects and improve productivity, download our subcontractor-specific guide today.

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