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The Ebook of Love: How to Start a Long-Term Relationship with Construction Software

The Ebook of Love: How to Start a Long-Term Relationship with Construction Software

How to Show Your Project More Love and Get Started with PlanGrid

Have you found your perfect match? Your project’s better half, the “one” that is always there for you at the end of a workday or the type that finishes your project plans for you? In case you couldn’t tell already, we’re not referring to your personal love match. We’re talking about construction productivity software, also known as CPS.

All love stories have to start somewhere, and you should consider your construction software match to be way more than a quick fling. If you haven’t already, we’d like to take a moment to introduce you to PlanGrid–also known as your next big business romance. Ok–so we’re not saying you should think of your PlanGrid subscription the same way you think about dating, but it’s not a bad place to start.

We wouldn’t want to drop you off on essentially a blind date–not knowing what you’re really getting into when you’re getting started with PlanGrid. As a result, we’ve created a guide to help you form the foundations of a long-lasting relationship from the start. Whether you’re a field worker, super, project manager or engineer, our ebook, “Getting Started WIth PlanGrid: Unlocking the Potential of PlanGrid’s Powerful Productivity Tools,” provides an overview of the benefits and features that the CPS offers.

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In the meantime, and in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways getting involved with construction productivity software is a lot like starting a long-term, and successful, relationship.


Finding That Special Someone

In love as in life, you don’t want to waste too much time looking for just the right fit, but you also don’t want to settle for less than you deserve. So, how can you be sure you’ve found “the one”? We’re afraid that Cupid can’t help you here, you’ll need to find the answer within yourself. Ask yourself: what reputation does this person have? What values do they bring to the table? And you should ask yourself the same questions about your construction software. What reviews do they have? What do my trusted colleagues say who know this company? Are they focused on what matters and do they believe we can build a better tomorrow? By honing in on what about software that’s going to elevate your life, not detract from it, you’ll surely find your right fit in no time.

An App That Travels With You, Stays With You

They say in new relationships when you travel with someone is when you really get to know a person. In today’s fast-paced, interconnected world, the same couldn’t be truer about your construction software. Construction doesn’t stop just because you’re not in the office–and the office work doesn’t stop just because you’re on the jobsite. With PlanGrid’s mobile-first approach to technology, offline access of all relevant data is key. Since the platform works on iOS, Android and Windows Surfaces, you get to experience the love on your favorite device when you’re on-the-go.

A Focus on Communication

One of the key factors for a successful romance that lasts is the ability to communicate, even during hectic schedules, tight deadlines and competing priorities. Funny enough, the same can be said about your construction software. Luckily, PlanGrid helps break down the barriers that siphon mission-critical information not only between various groups on the jobsite, but also between the field and office teams. With communication on the agenda, it ensures that all project stakeholders have the right information at the right time to do their jobs.

Build Something Amazing Together

Alright, you’ve found your perfect match (in love and construction software). What’s next? Go forth and conquer the world–you and your beloved are greater than the sum of two, so get out there and make the world a better place through your joy. And for construction software–that couldn’t be more literal. The built world is changing constantly, and we’re experiencing a historic surge in building technology. Be a part of it, and take your construction software where the wind takes you!

There might not be an official book of love in life, but the good news is that there is an ebook to guide you from honeymoon period to long-term relationship with your construction software match.

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When you’re ready to share your love for PlanGrid to your whole crew, our consulting and training teams can help you adopt the software to your own jobsite needs, as well as assure everyone is up and running in no time.

Emily Tsitrian

Emily Tsitrian is the Director of Consulting Services at PlanGrid where she oversees the consulting and training team. In this capacity, she is responsible for driving world-class onsite training sessions and implementation to customers around the world. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.