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How Heavy Civil Construction Teams Use Technology to Boost Field Productivity [Webinar]

How Heavy Civil Construction Teams Use Technology to Boost Field Productivity [Webinar]

Heavy civil construction produces the backbone of our cities; the infrastructure that moves us from place to place, across bridges, neighborhoods and states. But while the demand for civil construction continues to grow, widespread inefficiencies and challenges in the sector seriously threaten project performance and as a result, the potential for our cities to thrive.

Infrastructure and heavy civil projects are uniquely challenging because of their size and horizontal nature. For instance, hundreds if not thousands of people can be spread out over several miles, with questionable internet connectivity, unforeseen conditions and more making communication and coordination in the field difficult at best. Just imagine the unique hurdles an engineer faces in a trailer 10-miles down the road when trying to communicate proposed design changes to contractors on a highway project. Or take into consideration field workers in a tunnel project, hundreds of feet underground, trying to track progress and updates to punch lists with no light or internet. No wonder inefficiencies, rework and overruns run rampant.

Due to heavy civil project complexity, that itโ€™s easy to see how 30% of data created is lost in project turnover. Not to mention the massive labor shortage that affects 90% of all heavy civil construction, increasing labor costs and threatening growth. As a result, profit margins for contractors are low.

While some heavy civil construction companies have simply accepted the status quo and just proceeded with business as usual, projects continue to suffer leaving taxpayers feeling the result. On the other hand, other companies have adopted weak field technology that fails to actually increase collaboration and communication. Without the right and truly collaborative field technology and software, heavy civil construction productivity will continue to be as low as it was 15 years ago. ย 

Construction productivity software empowers teams in and off the field to be more productive. Demonstrating the power of field software to show how heavy civil builders can be more efficient is the goal of our webinar, โ€œHow Heavy Civil Construction Teams Use Technology to Boost Field Productivity.โ€

To more deeply explore technologyโ€™s unique place in the heavy civil sector, Iโ€™ll be presenting with Leonard โ€œLennyโ€ Coleman, PE, CCM LEED AP from Whitman, Requardt & Associates. With his involvement in large-scale civil projects like 1-95 Express Lanes Southern Terminus and the Fairfax County Parkway Extension, Lenny will share insights from his extensive experience.

heavy civil construction webinar

By attending the webinar, youโ€™ll discover the key benefits of utilizing technology in heavy civil construction, including:

  • Resolving problems before shovels hit the ground
  • Reporting from anywhere
  • Closing out projects faster than ever
  • Delivering a complete turnover package once work is done

Update: This webinar has ended. Don’t worry, we saved you a seat. Check out the recording here.

Watch Here

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Kaivan Entezarmahdi

Kaivan Entezarmahdi is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer in California. He holds a master's degree in civil engineering from San Diego State University and runs PlanGrid's Los Angeles and Orange County field operations. Prior to joining PlanGrid, Kaivan worked on marquee construction projects such as the Golden Gate Bridge Seismic Retrofit in San Francisco, Google's Bayview Headquarters in Mountain View and the Candlestick Point redevelopment in San Francisco. He brought his talents to PlanGrid 3 years ago where he has been responsible for growing the business in one of the largest US Metro Areas.