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Say Hello to PlanGrid Submittals: A Complete Solution to Request, Track and Review Submittals

Say Hello to PlanGrid Submittals: A Complete Solution to Request, Track and Review Submittals

Create an Automatic Submittal Log in Minutes

If you’re in the construction industry, odds are you’ve felt overwhelmed by submittals. Whether you start to shake at the thought of your spec book or the time it takes to track and review submittals, you’re not alone. Indeed, the submittals process, which includes logging, tracking and managing thousands of submittal register items is challenging, but also provides an essential system of checks and balances in construction. Submittals, consisting of shop drawings, product data and samples, are submitted by subcontractors to the design team to ensure that the final products installed on a project match the specifications. However, the process by which submittals are created and tracked today is currently broken. As a result, inaccurate submittals and a lack of timely review opens the door to inconsistent submission and approval chains, inevitably creating costly errors and delays in construction.

At PlanGrid, we knew there had to be a more efficient way to create, track and approve submittals. When we asked our customers how software could further improve their jobs, time after time, our customers told us that submittals were a major pain point. On average, the process required weeks of manual work for their teams and coordination between multiple project stakeholders. Although tools exist that address pieces of the problems, no single solution successfully streamlined submittals–until now. Today, we’re proud to announce a complete submittals solution. PlanGrid’s newest products, Submittals and Automatic Submittal Log, are the first and only submittal products to address the submittal workflow from beginning to end. Now, builders have everything they need to complete submittals, from specifications to field.

To create a solution to solve such a massive industry problem, our team conducted comprehensive research on the entire process of construction submittals. From in-depth interviews with customers to shadowing projects, we explored all aspects of construction submittals–register logs, process communication, progress tracking, as well as submittal approval. Our groundwork gave us an appreciation for the amount of time and resources it takes to manage submittals as well as a deep understanding of what our solution needed to effectively streamline their review.

We found that to improve the process, our solution needed to include:

  • A method to reduce data entry and replace it with an automated process that could pre-fill information and move steps to just one-click
  • A simple way to find out if a submittal is on track and if it isn’t, provide notifications to individuals to keep progress moving
  • A clear and accountable audit submittal log of everything that happens
  • A quick way to share approved submittals instantly with the field, eliminating delays so building can begin

PlanGrid Automatic Submittal Log

Create a Submittal Log in Minutes

To reduce the risk of errors and liability in construction, the register log is critical for tracking submittals. Although accuracy is essential, creating a submittal log by hand takes weeks and increases the likelihood of error. Regardless if a spec book is 100 or 2,000 pages long, Automatic Submittal Log adds efficiency, automation and accuracy to the once tedious process. Now, contractors can upload the project’s spec book in minutes and PlanGrid will automatically pull information from the specifications to create a downloadable spreadsheet containing all of the submittal register items.

“We have been looking for a tool like this for a long time. The data that is produced by [PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log] is in a format that is exactly what we have been searching for. This is another tool we will use to streamline efforts in project startup.” – Jeff McJunkin, Project Manager, M.J. Harris Construction Services

Following AIA standards and quality assured, PlanGrid’s Automatic Submittal Log includes everything needed–product data, shop drawings and closeouts–to assign submittals to subcontractors. With an immediate list of submittal register items, which can be uploaded to PlanGrid, submittal reviews are accelerated so building can start sooner.

PlanGrid Submittals

Streamline the Submittal Review Process

With PlanGrid Submittals, tracking and managing reviews is no longer a fragmented process. With one click, the platform enables submittal reviews to progress seamlessly from the contractor to the subcontractor and the design team, notifying individuals to keep submittals moving. Moreover, subcontractors and the design team can also respond to submittal actions by either email or in PlanGrid, their choice.

Identify the Status of a Submittal

Looking for a complete view of all submittal register items? The PlanGrid Submittals dashboard gives you visibility into the process so you can track progress in real-time. From the dashboard, see a breakdown of which submittal items are upcoming or overdue and who is responsible for taking action. This information can be used to prioritize follow up and order materials faster needed to begin construction.

Share Approved Submittals with the Field Instantly

Getting approved submittals to the field in a timely manner is a challenge. But now with PlanGrid Submittals, as soon as a submittal is approved, it’s immediately accessible in our mobile app for the field team to view. With zero delays, subcontractors can pin approved documents to drawings to ensure that the team is building with the correct materials.

Get a PlanGrid Submittals Demo

There you have it. PlanGrid Submittals: a complete solution, from specification to the field. We’d love to show you a demo of how this works! Please click below to get a free demo.

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Tom Alterman

Tom Alterman is the Product Lead for Submittals, RFIs and Specs at PlanGrid. He has been building technology products for the last 10 years, mostly in Healthcare and Education.

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