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Construction Articles in 2017 to improve 2018

Top Construction Articles of 2017 to Improve Your Bottom Line in 2018

The final countdown of 2017 is almost here. Whether you loved it or hated it, you can’t ignore the year didn’t happen. Despite your sentiments on the year as a whole, we can all agree that it was an important year for 2017 construction articles and news. From (near) completion of massive megaprojects like the new Apple campus, worldwide construction on skyscrapers hitting a record high, groundbreaking industry events such as Construct Canada and the Annual LCI Congress and thought leaders finally addressing issues that have been plaguing projects for years, like productivity, construction has lighted the fire for some fascinating conversations this year.

As builders and construction companies prepare for 2018, it’s important to look at the pasteven in just the last yearto learn how we can move forward together. Below, we curated some of the top 17 construction articles in 2017 to help you improve your sites and bottom line in 2018. We chose these articles based on topics that we think are most relevant to a broad construction audience and categories include:

  • Construction Trends
  • State of the Industry
  • Construction Technology
  • Construction Safety
  • Construction Productivity
  • Construction Labor

Want to make 2018 your most productive and best year yet? You better get reading.

Construction Trends

What trends have been sweeping the construction industry by storm in 2017? Looking at key trends in the industry gives companies and builders a leg up on competition and the ability to anticipate the futurebefore it’s here.

1. 10 construction industry trends to watch in 2017: Emily Peiffer, Construction Dive

This article was the perfect read to kickstart our 2017. As we anticipate Construction Dive’s trend list for 2018, it’ll be interesting to read how these trends change and evolve in just a year’s time.

2. These five trends are changing the construction industry: Verdict

In addition to identifying the major construction trends, this Verdict article explores what they actually mean for the industry as a whole.

3. Material Trends to Watch in 2017: Blaine Brownell, Architect Magazine

With innovations in manufacturing and design, new high-tech construction materials are ready to hit the market that will transform both how and what we build. Read about the latest advancements in materials from Architect Magazine.

State of the Industry

Need a snapshot of the construction industry as a whole? Preparing for 2018 starts with an in-depth look at the state of the industry.

4. 16 Biggest Construction Companies In The World In 2017: Sneha Shah, Insider Monkey

Interested in learning about some of the biggest players in today’s construction industry? This list from Insider Monkey is a great snapshot of some of the largest construction companies worldwide.

5. Construction Growth Expected To Taper In 2018: Paul Bubny,

What can you expect for growth in the construction industry in 2018? Read this preview from on expected growth for this coming year.

6. Productivity in the Construction Industry is Declining — Here’s How Mobile Can Help [Infographic]: Lynn Langmade, PlanGrid Productivity Blog

Mobile is changing the construction industry, one app download at a time. This article contains a helpful infographic that illustrates how mobile devices and software is helping to solve the industry’s productivity crisis.

Construction Technology

After many years, construction is finally starting to advance technologically. Educating yourself on some of the biggest tech trends hitting jobsites with these construction articles will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

7. How construction technology helps turn high-risk scenarios into safer situations: Tom Grandmaison, PropertyCasualty360

Safety is a huge concern within the industry. Most of us know the potential technology has to increase project efficiency, but learn how overall worksite safety can be improved with the right technology implementation.

8. News Construction Firms Look To Build A Better Job Site With New Technology: Julie Littman, Bisnow Bay Area

How exactly does new technology improve jobsites? This article from Bisnow Bay Area provides real examples and cases of innovation being applied by construction companies to enhance projects.

9. Construction sites get a tech upgrade: JLL

What are the specific devices that are transforming construction sites? From drones, AR, VR and more, learn about the tech tools that are making waves in the industry.

Construction Safety

Safety is a rising issue in the construction industry. Read up on how to stay at bay on the potential issues that could impact your site and field workers.

10. As construction work increases, so do dangers: Tom Musick, Safety & Health

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If you are interested in learning about the biggest dangers that pose threats to construction workers, read this 2017 construction article from Safety & Health. The write-up includes some great actionable tips on how to immediately improve worksite safety.

11. Construction Safety: Does Safety Leadership Training Make Sense for Your Business?: Dr. Linda M. Goldenhar and Jim Maddux, EHS Today

Ready to make a larger commitment to safety training on your projects? Enjoy this read from EHS Today to see if leadership training is right for your company.

Construction Productivity

Productivity was a hot issue for the construction industry in 2017. To have a more efficient 2018, take a look at some of the major construction articles highlighting productivity in construction in the last year.

12. Improving construction productivity: Filipe Barbosa, Jan Mischke, and Matthew Parsons, McKinsey & Company

Leading the conversations around productivity in the industry this year was McKinsey Global Institute’s groundbreaking construction study. Not only does the report detail the current mindset of construction firms, but it also provides what companies and the industry as a whole can do to improve efficiency.

13. Efficiency eludes the construction industry: Daniel Groves, The Economist

As the McKinsey study dives into the current state of the industry and its impact on productivity, this article from The Economist provides a more historical view of the problem with efficiency in construction.

14. 8 Easy Ways to Improve Construction Efficiency on Your Project: Dan Taylor, Capterra

Who doesn’t love a solid and actionable list? This must-read snapshot from Capterra provides builders with a great and digestible baseline to improve jobsite efficiency.

Construction Labor

The construction workforce is changing. More Boomers are leaving the industry, and fewer Millennials are entering, leading to a serious labor shortage. Learning how and who to recruit and train will help you build a stronger and loyal workforce.

15. Construction industry struggles with labor shortageKarissa Neely, The Daily Herald

In this post from Daily Herald, learn more about reasons for the construction labor shortage and what industry leaders and companies are doing to help address it.

16. How Women Can Help Solve The Construction Labor Shortage: Cameron Sperance, Bisnow Boston

In the wake of a massive labor shortage, construction needs to get serious about recruiting female talent. This article delves into why females are the future of the industry and how some companies are ahead of the game in attracting women in construction.

17. Hurricane Harvey: Worker shortage slows rebuilding after storms: Paul Davidson, USA Today

Hurricane Harvey had catastrophic effects on homes, lives and the construction industry in Texas and Florida. This article explores how the labor shortage further impacted rebuilding after these devastating events and what can be done to avoid situations like this in the future.

Share Your Thoughts on the Top Construction Articles of 2017

Did you read any thought-provoking construction articles in 2017 not mentioned above? If so, share the link or your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love also to read it and potentially share with our audience.