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The Canine Construction Project: Rebuild a Dog’s Life This Holiday Season

Deck the Halls with Dogs of Construction and Donate to Rescue Rebuild Today

Timmy and Lassie, Turner and Hooch, and Dorothy and Toto. The list can go on and on of famous human and dog duos. But man’s and woman’s best friend portrayed in Hollywood is no match to the loving, real-life bonds that exist between workers and dogs on construction lives–where work gloves and paws can often be seen side-by-side.

So, what’s the deal with dogs and construction? Dogs have been actually known to help on project sites and are perfect companions for field workers. From the famous digging dachshunds, service dogs and pups who have saved human lives, dogs have been a regular and beloved addition to jobsites for many years now.

And if you haven’t heard already, it’s official; dogs have been connected to living longer, happier and healthier lives. In fact, according to a recent study, dog owners had a 33% reduced risk of death and an 11% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to increasing humans’ quality of life, canine construction partners have been known to give their lives for their owners. That’s why this holiday season, PlanGrid is partnering with Rescue Rebuild, a non-profit committed to helping animals through shelter renovation programs.

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Help Us Save a Jobsite Sidekick with Rescue Rebuild

Not every dog is as lucky as the ones in our homes and sites. At PlanGrid, we’ve been fortunate to be able to be part of many new buildings’ stories, and we want to give back in helping to rebuild lives for pets. That’s why we ask for your help in joining us to support the canine construction partners that would give their life for us by giving back through Rescue Rebuild. Specifically, your donations will help to transform the Escambia County Animal Shelter in Pensacola Florida from a city “pound” to a positive family friendly adoption center where thousands of dogs and cats can find their forever home.

The Top Dogs of Construction

This holiday, we also wanted to bring you some extra seasonal cheer. Below, flip through our picks for the top holiday pooches we’ve found gracing construction sites around the world. But keep in mind, without great non-profits that support animals like Rescue Rebuild, many of our fellow builders wouldn’t be able to find their perfect building teammate.

Bonus, if you donate $25 or more to our donation page, we’ll send you a special 2018 calendar featuring these wall-worthy woof-ers.

So, cuddle up to your puppy pal and enjoy (and share) our slideshare for a good cause today.

You can also download a PDF version of our lookbook here.

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Share Your #DogsinConstruction Photos

Have a photo of your dog (or coworkers) on site? Share with us on Instagram and use the hashtag #dogsinconstruction. We might even #regram your photos on our official social accounts.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on your top #dogsinconstruction picks. Share your favorite choice in the comments below.

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